Dinosaur adventures at Paradise Wildlife Park

World of Dinosaurs Paradise Wildlife Park

Paradise Wildlife Park is somewhere we visit often as a family, located in Broxbourne and only around 20 minutes away from our house. It is somewhere the kids never tire from.

Last year we had season passes, which have sadly run out now but during that time we really did make the most of them visiting almost every weekend. The kids love the animals and even on a rainy day they were able to enjoy the soft play area to the max.

A recent addition to Paradise Park is the Dinosaur trial – World of Dinosaurs -which we finally found the time to visit over the summer.

Now, Emmy and Harry are both Dinosaur fans and already loved the train ride which took then around a mini trail where they could spot a few on the way – this had been in residence for years so the addition of the trail was very exciting.

Entering through large gate you follow a winding path of teeth – a one way system helps the flow of people and you can walk around as fast or slow as possible, it loops in a large circle – so should your kids be as impatient as mine they can run all the way around, through the gift shop and back around to catch you up (yes mine did do this).

Along the trail, you’ll find a whole array of Dinosaurs, standing models of all sizes as well as moving models.

Each has their own plaques which tell you all the interesting facts about the Dinosaurs, what they ate etc.

The World of Dinosaurs features over 30 life-sized moving and roaring Dinosaurs.


The kids have a great time wandering around the trail, trying to name all the Dinosaur’s they already knew and learning new and exciting fact about some they didn’t. They thought the animatronic ones were hilarious (I think they were supposed to be scary but they kids just giggled mainly) and they took great pleasure in trying to sneak up on the Dinosaurs before they moved, as well as trying to play hide and seek around the trail.

At the end of the trail you pass through a gift shop, that’s the second gift shop on site, meaning whichever way you leave the park now the kids are more likely to spot the gift shop. This is a downside for me, as previously we would do the animals first, head to the play area and leave the site that way to avoid heading through the shop – of course from a business point of view I do see why they have added it in. In this gift shop, you’ll find lots of Dinosaur related paraphernalia as well as other PWP goodies and gifts.

Next to the gift shop is a large sandpit area where the kids can go to ‘uncover dinosaur bones’ – Harry loves this, armed with a brush to sweep away the sand he spent ages in here while us adults enjoyed a cuppa outside on the benches provided.

Lastly, a photo opp before heading home.

The kids certainly thought World of Dinosaurs was a great addition to the park and are already asking to go back – I’m currently looking into Keeper for a day experience as I know we would all love this.

For further information on opening times, events and pricing please visit the website or follow over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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