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As a former Nanny and a Mum I have read A LOT of story books to children over the years, the amazing thing about children’s stories is that you can read them over and over again and just not tire of them, not something us adults do with our books is it? Apart from those classics that is!

There is something wondrous about children’s books be that the colourful characters who can get up to anything or the beautifully illustrated pages which help bring a story to life.

Have you ever thought of writing children’s books and seeing them come to life before a child’s eyes? Do you dream up characters and imagine what they will sound like? Tom has not only written and published the stories he once made up for his small children but he has made them come to life on the screen via his YouTube channel and interactive website which launches today, you can see his stories being read in Storytime by an Actor and Actress.

I had the opportunity to speak with Tom to ask what gave him the idea for Tom’s Storytime and he replied:

It was a combination of things actually. I always enjoyed making up stories for my son and daughter and they kept wanting more and I thought I should probably start writing these down.

I’m a teacher and I found I had free evenings which needed filling so I thought I should just go for it while I have the chance and I’d probably regret it if I didn’t.

“Look into your imagination and find…” – That’s what a good book is all about, not only using the words and the pictures provided but being able to use your own imagination to continue the story long after the pages have closed or the video has finished, and Tom’s books do just this.

We’ve been reading Bug Hunt

The story follows a little girl going on a bug hunting adventure in her back garden, she identifies the creatures she finds and tries to catch them in her bug catcher but they keep flying or crawling away from her.

The one insect which wants to be her friend is a Wasp who chases her, she tries to run away from it but it keeps coming back so she catches it in her catcher….of course it gets angry so she calms him down by reading her bug book to him and shows him the pictures she’s drawn. Then they become friends.

It’s a very sweet story which helps to teach children not to be afraid of bugs.

Tom has written a selection of book suitable for children of different ages, these can be found on the website which is broken up into three areas

  • Sprites – for ages 0 – 6 years
  • Adventures – for ages 3 – 7 years
  • Interactive – for all ages

When entering the age appropriate zones, they will each be set on a different background, this is the one for Sprites:

This is an interactive background where children can hover over and things will happen e.g. things lighting up or something hiding etc.

Head over to the website to see the triple launch of Bug Hunt, Davey Chicken and the interactive story A Jungle Adventure where you follow the storyteller’s actions.

After this videos will be released every 3 days with a further 18 videos. Each video opens with the storyteller sitting on a special story telling chair and they then read the stories you’ve been reading.

Why not take a look for yourselves over on the website and don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel.

Tom’s story books are available over on Amazon.

You can also follow on social media for further updates, follow on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.


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