Disney Magical Bedtimes

I can only assume it is to do with the school holidays but Emmy’s bedtime routine has disappeared.  It has gotten later and later and the excuses to stay up late have poured in.
We’ve had everything from I’m thirsty, I need a wee, I’ve had a nightmare – you name it she has tried it, and quite frankly and I’m not ashamed to say so I’m getting frustrated!  I don’t start work until Emmy and Harry are asleep, so many nights I don’t go downstairs until 9.30/10pm – this is not conducive to working nor is it ideal for Emmy starting full time school next week.
Today I attended a blogging event with World’s Apart and the focus was on sleep and sleep problems, there was a sleep expert present Mandy Gurney and I have taken the chance to ask my questions and I received some very useful tips and advice – that’s a whole other post though and I will tell you about that later in the week or next week.
One thing which I knew and which was reconfirmed today was the need for wind down time, repetition and keeping things calm.
That’s a struggle in this household sometimes, It’s at bedtimes Emmy gains her second wind.
She starts bouncing on the sofas, shouting and generally winding herself, her brother and Paul & I up – it usually ends in tears from someone and cross words.  NOT exactly calming behaviour all round before bed.
For the past few night I’ve taken Emmy up to bed for her story and she has had a special bedtime call – a Disney Bedtime call nonetheless.
Disney have just launched a brand new bedtime website and a text service to help get your children ready for bed. 
This is a wonderful and magical service where you text 78000 and choose who you would like a special bedtime message from:
  • Cinderella
  • Minnie
  • Jake
  • Mickey

So far Emmy has received a special bedtime call from Cinderella and from Minnie.

After texting the number and adding your chosen character into the body of the text I only had to wait a short period (seconds) before my phone rang.  You are then asked to pass the phone to your child.
They then hear a lovely message reminding then to brush their teeth and put their pj’s on, they are then told they have a special message from (whichever character they have chosen) who then gives then a very sweet bedtime message.

Emmy has enjoyed this and it has helped somewhat into getting her in bed – I mean if Minnie Mouse or Cinderella themselves tell you it’s bedtime then you don’t argue do you? Well Emmy certainly doesn’t!

This service costs only the price of a standard text message – and to see Emmy jump into bed happily without a fuss, well quite frankly I would pay more!!

You are able to listen to the messages online at www.disney.co.uk/bedtime

Tomorrow I think we may receive a call from Jake for both children at bedtime to help get them ready for bed.

Which Disney character would you choose to give you a bedtime message?



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