Disney Tsum Tsum Squishy Figure 4 Pack

Tsum Tsum are a huge craze with both children and adults alike fighting to build their collections.
It’s easy to see why though as they are very cute.  We’ve been sent a 4 pack of the Disney Tsum Tsum squishies from the Entertainer.
Incase you’ve not seen or heard of Tsum Tsum’s yet, they are elongated characters, these ones are Disney characters which are made to collect and can be stacked up on top of each other to display them.
These Disney one’s we have been sent are from series 1 and there are 50 to collect.
Priced at £5 these would make lovely stocking fillers for the children.
When ordered online from the Entertainer you will be sent a random pack of Tsum Tsum’s will be sent to you – think of them like Kinder Eggs – you won’t know what you are getting until they arrive, unless you purchase in store only then you still won’t know what you are fully getting as there are 3 characters on show and one hidden as a surprise.
You won’t know what this one is until you get it home and if you are really lucky it could be one of the ultra rare gold figures “Mickey, Alice, Elsa or Olaf”.
Our pack included Sven, Spike and Baymax figures and our hidden figure was Daisy Duck.

These are tiny figures and what I would call pocket money toys – children can easily save up their pennies and save £5.  These can be collected, stacked up and even swapped amongst friends if you get doubles.
Very cute and exclusive to the Entertainer.

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