Do Pleated Blinds Help Cool Down A Room?

summer is here and everyone is looking forward to getting a bit of
sunshine and vitamin D. However when the sunshine is intense,
sometimes it is important to keep the inside of your home cool especially if you have children then you will want to keep their rooms as cool as possible.
blinds are superior because the style and design allow for a variety
of benefits
Top of the list is sun and UV protection, the ability to air off a
room and they also provide privacy for you and your family.
blinds can be made to fit in with any room and any style, which is a
popular reason for purchase with customers.
can be utilised to cool down conservatories or windows, and pleated
blinds are renowned for their energy efficacy, due to being a viable
alternative to air conditioners within residential areas.
you are struggling with the heat in your home, blinds can help –
especially if you purchase pleated blinds that have a form of UV
protection built in.
and Elegant
choosing blinds for a room it is important to pick ones that are
going to last, and will not go out of fashion any time soon.
Well-made blinds will last 10 years or more.
can help bring style to any room, and look a lot more chic than
if you choose a company that specialises in hand-making blinds, this
means that you can customise them to whatever shape that you want,
giving you a truly tailored piece of furniture.
the style of your room, pleated blinds are sure to fit right in. And
you will have the added benefit of knowing that your room looks great
and your blinds will be able to keep out any harmful UV rays.
is nothing worse than having a beautiful conservatory and letting it
go to waste.  It’s easy to understand why this would happen – the heat in a conservatory on
a summer’s day can truly get unbearable! Especially if you have a
south facing garden.
benefit of bespoke blinds means that they are the ideal fit, you can
open the window whilst the blinds are down and still feel the breeze
– the perfect way to cool off a room, and you can easedrop on listen out for the kids too!
also a good way to keep flies and other insects out of your house,
very much like the mosquito panels that some hot countries have on
their windows.
sunshine can be glorious, and most people enjoy soaking up its rays.
But it can be hell on furniture, as UV rays can easily bleach a
variety of materials.
your home from any sun related issues with
some top quality window blinds, like those from Thomas Sanderson.

bespoke blinds have the added benefit of SolarTex® technology, which
means that they are extremely protective and contain a special solar
reflective coating – they actively keep the room cool in the summer.
furniture that is placed next to a window will gradually fade until
it is completely sun stripped, but no longer with the protection
offered by these blinds.
not just furniture that sun can do a number on. Wooden floors,
shelves and fabric are also all in danger of being bleached, even if
you only leave them in front of the window for a short time.
make the mistake of choosing cheaper pleated blinds which are of
lesser quality, these will not have any of the unique design features
that the Thomas Sanderson ones include.
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