Do you have someone heading off to Uni? Here are some tips on getting them ready

I know I’ve many many years until my children fly the coop however I do have friends kids heading off to Uni for the first time in September and as a parent that is not only exciting but it’s flipping scary too.
I mean you’ve loved and nurtured your little ones every days of their lives, many may not have been away from home yet and off they head into the big bad world.
It’s only natural to worry isn’t it?
You can however prepare them a little in preparation for their adventures – and teach them valuable life skills too.
A huge must for a student, they will need to make their money stretch as far as they can.
Why not help them to learn what essentials they will need and the costs of these items, they may think beer and burgers are essentials however must have items and ones which cost most are things like – washing powder/liquid, cleaning products – not high up a students list of priorities I’m sure but needed unless they are planning on bringing all their washing home and never entertaining in their rooms!
You could perhaps help with the first shop by going with them and making sure these hit their trolley’s.  This will also help them to learn what a weekly shop will cost and know roughly how much they will have left for treats.
Not all students live on beans on toast or pot noodles and we wouldn’t expect them to.  Teaching them to cook a few basic meals will ensure they are eating a balanced diet and meals such as Bolognese, curries and stew can be cooked in bulk and frozen saving time and effort in the future.
Why not treat them to a few one pot recipe books – they will love them, not only are the meals easy to cook they save on washing up too.
If they are house sharing for the first time there is a possibility they will need essentials for the kitchen such as pots and pans – check with their landlords first however you will be able to pick up cheap sets in places such as Homesense for those on a budget.
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Teach them to use the washing machine – a must unless you want them bringing all their washing home to you in the holidays.
These are only a few tips as they really will need  to find their own feet and won’t want too much interference – after all they are grown up now and will want to do it alone.
You could however help them to get ready by making their rooms a home from home by sending them off their favourite home comforts such as their own bedding so they can be reminded of home if they get home sick – new is nice but nothing beats the touch of home when you are worried.
You could also stock them up with notebooks, folders and stationary to help save them a little money – these don’t need to cost a lot and buying an item with each food shop and putting away will spread the costs a little.
Do you have someone heading off this September? Are they looking forward to it?
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