Do you have a young writer in your household? Blossom Magazine launches a writing competition

Recently I was invited to an event which launched Blossom magazines writing competition for World book day,  however due to Emmy being ill and it being her birthday we were unable to attend.
Luckily for us the team are amazing and still sent Emmy a goodie bag containing a lovely story book and a Blossom magazine.
Emmy couldn’t wait to get stuck into the magazine…..not that I could blame her. It had a paint your own fairy as a free gift.
We are suckers for free magazine gifts here, or should I say Emmy is. She chooses her magazines based on the gifts then toses the actual magazine aside.
This is definitely something I would steer her towards in the newsagents as it takes time to do and is something she can keep in her room after,  as apposed to another small toy set which breaks in minutes.
She spent about 30 minutes painting and glittering her fairy and loved the end result.
She also let me read the stories inside the magazine to her. The colours and characters interested her and caught her attention
It’s also packed with colouring pages and stickers so for once it wasn’t tosed aside never to be looked at again, she does keep going back to it…which in this house is unheard of!

Priced at £2.75 it is on a par price wise with the others we buy so we would definitely choose it again.
Blossom magazine have a great competition running for your budding writers.
If you’ve a young author in your household this is a lovely one for them to enter which is running to help celebrate book day.


They need to write a story with a maximum of 500 words using the characters from the magazine –  Lily, Rose, Daisy and Voilet – who appear in each issue of the magazine. The winning entry will be by judged by a panel of industry experts for its imagination and creativity.
Full details can be found in the Blossom magazine – issue 10.
If their story win they win an amazing prize of their story being printed in the Blossom magazine and beautifully illustrated by the Blossom artist.  They will also receive a visit to their school or nursery by the Princess Poppy author, Janey Louise Jones as well as a bundle of book for themselves and their school library from Random House and a keepsake bound version of their story.
How great is that?
Emmy is a little young for this and her made up stories consist of “once upon a time I fell asleep and woke up at Butlins” so we won’t be entering but I would love to know if you do enter with your children.

Disclaimer: We’ve received a years subscription to Blossom magazine in exchange for this post.

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