Dogs really are a man’s best friend

They say a dog is a man’s best friend and in our case that is definitely true.
We got Barney as a puppy aged around 6 months old – we can’t be sure of his age as he was a rescue dog – left tied to a bus stop a week before Christmas.
That tiny fluffball has made us smile every day since he arrived, Paul was convinced he would ‘cure me’ of my broodiness – well he got a few years reprieve I suppose. 
Barney has a personality of his own – his own special traits which make him special:
  • He HATES cats and will bark at one whenever he sees it – this can be cute BUT VERY annoying when our neighbours cat heads into our garden to taunt him through the window and the kids are in bed
  • He can NOT leave a ball alone – all balls are his apparently.  The kids can’t play with a ball in the garden without him leaping on it, and heaven forbid the football team should try to practice in the football field!
  • He chases flies – he is 11 and still never caught one BUT that will not stop him trying
  • He HAS to come to the bathroom with me – honestly if I get 5 minutes peace from the kids I then have a dog under my feet
  • He sleeps under my bed and has the smelliest farts – sometimes enough to clear a room, and he also has to leave
I would not swap him for the world.  He is now 11 years old and is slowing down and looking his age sadly – I’m hoping he has a good few more years left in him though.


Sunrise Senior Living know that pets are good for our health and happiness which is why every community includes a resident cat and dog.  The residents can freely interact with the pets which has obvious cognitive and physical benefits – If these animals are anything like Barney then there will be a few smiles cracked at the very least.


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