Dreaming of the day the monkey’s stop bouncing on my bed

Today as the sun was shining and I set about my daily tasks, instead of making the bed as I do everyday when I get up (I always make the bed before heading downstairs), I stripped and aired it instead, throwing open all the windows and letting the sun seep inside.
Looking around my room makes me realise that is in much need of a makeover.
The carpet was here when we moved in over 10, a red colour which isn’t to my taste.  I want to change it, a nice cream colour would be my choice but with Barney sleeping in my room that’s not a good idea either.  Possibly a tan colour would work instead.
That would then mean I would be able to decorate that room for the first time.
The walls are currently white, well they were; now they are that horrid off white/grey/yellow colour which comes with age, and we have red coving.  
I would love to change to a magnolia colour – yes boring but it would mean I would have more choice with my bedding & curtain choices. 
Getting rid of the red would definitely give me more options that’s for sure.
Recently I won a competition and the prize was £150 next voucher.  I’m planning to spend this on clothes for ME however I couldn’t help browsing furnishings and love this bedding set.
Photo credit: Next.co.uk
It would look wonderful on a new bed too….and I’ve big plans for a new bed once my monkeys stop bouncing on mine.
I want this:
How wonderful is that?
On my wish list now are tv beds!  It would be a great space saving idea too as currently we can only have a small 20″ TV on a wall mounted bracket however this does block my wardrobe door making it difficult to actually open the door fully and I have to blind search the drawers as I can’t pull them out fully.

I dream of the day when I’m able to have a lie in (yes…I know, what is one of those? I’ve forgotten too), a cuppa in bed, hey let’s push the boat out here….breakfast in bed! (I remember those too…..years ago) and Saturday morning TV snuggled up in a new bed watching TV.
If I’m feeling nice the kids could even join me…..just as soon as they are old enough to stop bouncing on the bed as this bed and bouncing monkeys certainly wouldn’t mix!
What do you dream of doing and what do you miss from pre kids?  Mine is definitely sleep!
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2 thoughts on “Dreaming of the day the monkey’s stop bouncing on my bed

  1. I would love new bedroom furniture and a tv bed is definitely high on our list! Don't you find when children come along you just have to make do?! Enjoy your shopping trip and make sure you do spend it on yourself!

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