Dreaming of a family holiday

With the events of this year we haven’t booked a holiday for the family, I had thought we may try to get a last minute deal over the summer however this wasn’t possible for far too many reasons including our holiday money being spent on the car going wrong a few too many times amongst other things.
We will be camping just before the children go back to school but only for 2 days and as much as I enjoyed it last time and I am looking forward to it I would much prefer to have a nice holiday booked – a week somewhere with nice comfy beds, a pool for the kids, entertainment and hot weather would be nice but that would definitely mean a holiday abroad and I’m not too sure our budget would allow for that just yet.
However Emmy does keep asking to go on an aeroplane and guaranteed weather and all-inclusive food & drink are swaying me to start thinking ahead to next year and to start a very big saving mission as some family fun, adventures and frolics have been missing in our family recently.
If I ask Emmy where she wants to go she says Disneyland, well she would I guess, Harry says on a plane and Paul would probably say Egypt or Rome/Italy.  I’m just not sure at all.
I want it to be hot, but not too hot for the children, a short flight if we do go down that route, have kids clubs and a spa option for the adults for the short amount of time we would get child free.  All-inclusive would be wonderful too.
I have begun the search online for possible options and I have realised I’ve a LOT of saving to do, it’s not just the holiday I need to save for but the kids need passports, mine runs out soon and I have a feeling that Paul’s runs out soon too.  I think my best option is to look into opening a savings account and putting a little away each week in preparation. 
Do you have any suggestions for a family friendly destination, not too far away, school holiday times and which won’t leave me needing to re-mortgage the house?
I would also love to know if you’ve been on a cruise with children as the more I look into cruises the more I am falling in love with the idea.
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