Dreaming of a forever home

Decorating our home and putting our stamp on rooms we’ve previously not touched is an amazing feeling of accomplishment and pride.
Our home is beginning to really feel like a real family home now and we are all happy here however it’s impossible not to dream of a new home, a final home perhaps. One we choose and not just move into through circumstance.
I’d love to move away from a road, ours house is the end house of 4 next to the road and although it’s not noisy as such through traffic it is from children playing outside especially in the summer, and living next to a busyish road with 2 children isn’t ideal. We have to keep the front door locked so Harry doesn’t escape and wander into the road, and once locked remove the keys and place up high – he has a bad habit of grabbing his step stool to reach the keys and try to unlock the door, succeeding on occasions.
I’d love to move to a quiet Culdersac where there children have a grassy area they could play outside with the neighbourhood children and be seen from the house, of course this would mean I’d need to sell up so it would be sensible to look into a different mortgage as this one we currently have really isn’t ideal.
I dream of them making friends with the neighbours children and riding bikes and playing ball games, hide and seek/tag etc. together. This is what my street was like growing up, we lived towards the bottom end of our close, a quietish road where the only traffic was the cars of the residents living their (or guests of theirs), no through road so we were allowed to play outside with the neighbours.  The kids were all of similar ages, roughly give or take a few years, and we all happily played together outside the house or on the green in the next road.  We would all pop into each others houses, knock for our friends to come out and play and our parents were all friends.

I remember clearly having an open fence panel area between ours and our neighbours house, the top panel was removed so us children would often just use a chair or step to climb over and play with our friends next door, we would invite ourselves to dinner or sleepovers and I still remember allowing my parents to have a lie-in by climbing over to next door while they slept in with my brother – not the best of ideas as it did provoke a mild panic from them, enough for me to remember even now so I’m guessing we were told off for that one.

I’d love a gated front garden free from grass where they could safely ride their bikes and scooters while continuing to have a back garden for the trampoline and swings they so love.
Maybe in my dream forever house I’d also have flowers (the children picked all mine) and fruit trees and vegetables.
I do love my house but can’t help dreaming and at the age of 35 it does seem hard to think of this as my forever home and the last place I will live, and of course I never want my children to leave home (well only when they are really naughty) so a larger home to accomadate grandkids staying over or even living with us is my ultimate plan, maybe I should look at the mortgage calculators on the TSB website before I mention this last part to Paul, it would be just my luck he just read that last part……I would be lovely to be so close to the family and help out all I could, of course I’ve many many many years before that happens but it just means I’ve longer to save up.

Anyone else dream of a final forever home?

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