Dreaming of a peaceful haven

I’ve mentioned before that we purchased our house from Paul’s parents, their house sale fell through and as a bridge Paul took on the mortgage for our house with the notion to selling it straight away….well considering I am living here you’ve guessed that didn’t happen!  We didn’t manage to sell it and then got engaged so just moved it with the plan to move.

Fast forward almost 12 years and 2 children, a dog, a rabbit, hamster and a goldfish later we are still here and the house which was once far too big for us is just perfect now.

Well almost perfect.

The kids rooms have been decorated, in Emmy’s case twice – most recently was her big girls bedroom and of course there is Harry’s awesome Pirate themed bedroom.  The front room and kitchen have been done, although do need redoing again now, and we’ve even begun planning a spare room revamp turning it into a shared kids room with bunk beds.  Sadly our room is VERY neglected and has never been decorated and I want to change that this year.

The lovely Jaime is hosting a competition along with Oak Furniture King which has prompted me to start looking at changing my bedroom, to plan how I would decorate it and put the plans in place to actually make it a peaceful haven this year. 

I have already changed the basics and easy things such as the lightshade and curtains and of course we have our own bedding etc, but it is a difficult room to do much with as we have fitted wardrobes on both sides of the room and also at the side of the bed and over the bed too – storage definitely isn’t a problem in our bedroom.

I would of course leave these as the storage is needed and it would cost a fortune to change them.

The thing I would change first would be to change the carpet.  The current one is red and it is rather hard to match anything with this colour as I really don’t like red.  I am thinking of a natural colour and love stripes, I would like a patterned carpet of some sort as our dog sleeps in our room and the carpet is usually covered in dog hair (par for the course with pets).

Our bed is on the way out too and has lasted us since before we moved in which is good going but if I’m honest it is knackering my back.  I had thought a new mattress would suffice only between Emmy and Harry they have managed to break the base by jumping on it far too much.

I have been looking around and planning and this is what I have decided on so far for our room:

Bed: Boston 5ft King Sized Double Shoe Rack: Aspen Solid Oak Shoe Bench (We often have shoes tucked under the bed and bits and bobs here and there – this would help keep the room clutter free), Striped carpet (to follow through the hallway and down the stairs too), Bedside Lamp x 2, Cushions, Wallpaper border, Paint.

There isn’t much wall space showing in my room due to the fitted wardrobes so it would be pointless papering the room.  What I would like to do though is paint it a magnolia colour and add a colour to the coving and a border around the room.

I’ve a beautiful Butterfly bedding set already which would fit perfectly into this colour scheme – and *may* have been the inspiration for the colour scheme I have chosen – yes I am mad enough to plan a whole room make-over around the colour scheme of my favourite bedding.

 “This is a competition entry”

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