Dressing for an Autumn ramble

that the kids are begrudgingly going off to school, it’s a waiting
game for winter to suddenly appear. Early autumn usually has me
wearing cardigans and tights with my favourite summer dresses to get
the most out of them, but with October closing in it’s about time
to return them to the loft. Now with only the weekends left to occupy
the little ones, it’s time to think about fun autumn activities to
enjoy as a family – and that means dressing appropriately for leafy winter walks.


a good jacket is the staple of any AW wardrobe, especially in
Britain, where rain is unfortunately a given most of the time. M and M Direct
a fab selection of decent jackets on offer at the moment, with plenty
of waterproof and windproof styles available to arm you against the
elements. In terms of style, Parkas are in this year once again and
seem unlikely to go anywhere in the future, so if you’re looking to
make an investment for the next couple of years it’s a good idea –
not to mention, there’s plenty of pockets for keeping hands nice
and warm.


days out with two kids, having a decent sized handbag is an absolute
necessity – women’s clothing sadly does not have enough pockets for
your phone, keys, wallet, tissues, snacks, and a baby changing kit. A
large shoulder handbag can look suitably fancy and functional for
everyday use; while a rucksack is great to have for days out
exploring the countryside and doesn’t strain your shoulders. This
year there are lots of surprisingly chic backpacks,
so snap them up now that the ‘back to uni’ products are on


there’s anything to get excited about this autumn, it’s the
snazzy knitwear that begins to appear in shops. With the 1970s
throwback styles appearing, you can look forward to plenty of cosy
cable and lace knit jumpers in earth tones. High necked tops
making a particular comeback, which look great layered underneath
dresses or showcasing a pretty pendant. Knitted dresses are making an
appearance as well this year, and these are perfect for wearing on
the school run, when teamed with a pair of bright tights or fleecy


that the summer sandals are returning to the loft for another year,
it’s time for sensible footwear to return. Smart and stylish shoes
meeting the trend for androgyny this year, so a nice pair of leather
brogues or penny loafers is easy to find and looks great teamed with
jeans and a woollen coat for quick trips out – and are easy to slip
on when the family is running late.

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