Dressing for the weather

I don’t know about you but the winter duvet has been dug out of the wardrobe recently, the flip flops tossed to the back of the shoe cupboard.
I’m beginning to think slippers and long sleeved PJ tops, autumn has definitely started to make its presents known.
It’s not a bad thing though.  I love the autumn months.  The fallen leaves, the crisp morning walks with the dog however this Autumn brings new changes for us, it brings the school run.  Emmy used to do afternoons at Nursery and has been off sick this school year so far (barring one day), so the challenge begins of leaving the house at 8.30am with two children in tow in ALL weather’s.
Harry will be bundled up in the buggy so will be warm with the help of blankets however now Emmy won’t have the comfort of the double buggy as she is too big, she will HAVE to walk come rain or shine.  Now is a good time to begin looking for hiking clothes, I’ve already found a fold up waterproof coat in Tesco with I will keep in her school bag in case of sudden rain/showers.

Protected from the elements in his Stokke Xplory
Welly boots are next on the list as is a snowsuit – that may seem over the top but I don’t want her to start saying she can’t walk because she is cold, she can then also sit on the buggy board if needed and hold an umbrella.
For me Autumn/Winter walking essentials include good quality walking boots (me and welly boots don’t mix as they hurt my feet), a thin waterproof jacket teamed with layers – although it is often cold and raining in the Autumn months, walking to and from school with a buggy and a 4 year old in tow is rather stressful at times, and I get rather hot.  I like to choose thin long sleeved tops, teamed with a hoodie and a waterproof jacket; this means if I do get too hot I can shred a few layers at a time.
Wish me luck…she is a reluctant walker at the best of times and with a bust arm there is no way I can carry her
*Written for Tesco*

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