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Roco formal outfits for kids

There doesn’t have to be a reason to want to look good, it’s something we have told the children on many occasions – we’ve learnt our lesson the hard way that saving their ‘Sunday best’ for a special occasion is a bad idea because by the time a special occasion comes around they’ve had a growth spurt and that beautiful party dress and that smart suit no longer fits and it’s only been worn once if we are lucky.

So with no events or occasions planned we’ve happily let the children wear these absolutely stunning outfits send to them by Roco Clothing.

Choosing which outfits the children would like was really hard as I wanted many of them and as soon as Emmy saw them she did too.

It went without saying that Harry would want a formal suit as whenever Emmy dresses up in her dressing up clothes, despite having lots of outfits himself he chooses to wear a suit so he can ‘dress up like Daddy’.

Roco formal suit

We opted for the Sampson suit by designer Paisley of London in the chambray slim fit in an age 5, although Harry is 4 (next week) he is very tall for his age and we wanted this to be able to fit him for a while. It actually turns out that the next size down would have been too small as it fits perfectly in the arms and is only a tad too long in the legs.

This suit is has 6 pieces to it – trousers, jacket, waistcoat, shirt, tie and a pocket square. The trousers, jacket and waistcoat are all a chambray colour which is a bluey grey colour, brighter than grey but not as bright as the blue which they also sell.

The trousers have an adjustable waistband meaning even the slimmest child like Harry won’t have to keep pulling them up when they run around, they have a zip and a button fly as well as two pockets and are also lined for comfort. The jacket is double vented at the back meaning Harry is able to move around, climb and do whatever he usually does while wearing it and his movements aren’t restricted at all. It is also lined in a paisley lining, with a top pocket for the pocket square.


This suit is very hardwearing and Harry hasn’t wanted to take it off. It even looks great without the jacket so the warmer days or when dancing on the dance floor gets too serious.  Harry can’t do up the button fly on his own but is able to pull these on and off with ease, he also can’t do up his shirt buttons on the shirt alone nor can he do up the tie even though it is a clip clasp (it fastens at the back of the neck by clipping together).

It really is a lovely suit and at £44.99 it is great value. One thing to note is that the suit is dry clean only which I must not forget as I usually do.


Emmy chose her own outfit and the colour. She just loves pretty party dresses and twirly skirts so we looked in the bridesmaid section of the website. She usually opts for pinks but as she is getting older is realising that there are other colours out there finally and I was rather pleased when she opted for an aqua blue dress.

Her choice was the Sienna party dress in aqua and I ordered an age 7-8 as she is tall. It’s a perfect fit coming to her ankles but fitting perfectly in the bust and not slipping off her shoulders as often happens when we go up a dress size.

This dress has a full glittered bodice with a scrunch elasticated back making it a perfect fit for all sizes, with thin spaghetti straps which could be pinned and sewn if needed and a large ribbon around the waist finished beautifully with a large bow at the side on the front.


It’s a perfect dress for twirling around in and hitting the dance floor, or of course wearing just because you want to look like a princess!

With a full layered skirt featuring an organza top section and a hooped underskirt Emmy looks and feels like a princess in this outfit.


With a dress this beautiful who needs a special occasion to wear it?

Just be careful of sitting down as the hoop will make this dress raise up flashing knickers is you aren’t careful!

Handwash only because of the detailing and retailing at £37.99 this would be perfect for weddings, proms, parties or just because.

Disclaimer: We received these items in exchange for this post, all thoughts and opinions are our own.


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