E-cloth: Perfect Cleaning with just Water

As a SAHM, Paul being signed off sick with Fibromyalgia, a toddler and a dog to look after I am always looking at ways of saving money on the household bills, so when I saw that the e-cloth range are designed to save both time and money I just had to try them for myself.

The lovely people over at e-cloth agreed to send me some household cleaning cloths to try out and I was delighted when I opened my parcel to discover a lovely selection to try out for myself. 

I received:

The e-cloth range of cloths and mops present a new way of cleaning all hard surfaces in your home with just water!! All products are guarenteed for up to 300 washes, so as well as being environmentally friendly they are designed to save money too.  As they eliminate the need for chemical cleaning products they can reduce the household cleaning bill by up to £100. 

With the above information and claims I couldn’t wait to try these for myself.  My cleaning cupboard (locked cupboard under the kitchen sink) is full of all sorts of cleaning products from sink cleaner, tile cleaner, anti-bacterial sprays, special cleaners for my stainless steel oven and hob to window cleaners with anti-smear thing-a-me-bobs.

I could go on about the in’s and out’s of these products but I think it would be better to show you how well they worked so you can actually see for yourselves that they really do work – with water alone!

(Left: Before, Right: After)

(Left: Before, Right: After)
It is rather hard to show you the mirror & glass cloth in action but i’m hoping you can see how shiny my mirrors are (there are 2 mirrors in my bathroom) and if you look closely you can see my very shiny sink and taps.  All of these surfaces have been using the e-cloths and water alone.  I have a plant spray water bottle which I used with the cloths and now I can honestly say that I clean my kitchen and bathroom solely with the cloths and water alone (except for my toilet – I will always continue to use chemicals there!).

The range is also available for the car (including a heavy duty cloths, a chamois and a windscreen pack), technical cloths for screens, CD’s, DVD’s and lenses, BBQ Pack, Conservatory & Greenhouse Pack’s as well as many other household cleaning cloths and mops.

You can see the full range for yourself on their website http://www.e-cloth.com/ or on Twitter.

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