Where on earth do I put the Christmas tree?

Now that’s not a question I ever thought I’d find myself asking and it may sound daft to some especially if you’ve seen the size of my house.

I’m really lucky that I moved into a large 4 bedroom house before Paul and I were married, it was actually his parents house and their buyer had pulled out at the last minute. Without a buyer they were in danger of missing out on their dream home so Paul took a mortgage out on this house with the plan to sell on immediately .

A few months down the line when we’d cleaned and tidied the house it still hadn’t sold and we were then engaged so it was just logical to move into the house he was paying for already.

We always planned to move but with planning a wedding and both working full time the decorating and improvements needed didn’t happen.

Not long after moving in we rented out one of the rooms to a friend and both said we couldn’t imagine ever filling this house.

It has a HUGE kitchen which extended by my in-laws when they lived here, there’s a breakfast bar/island with fridge and hob, loads of cupboards, a large larder cupboard and room for a large dining room table too.

The front room had the wall knocked through by them too so the 2 rooms (dining room and front room) were made into one. Even the hallway has floor to ceiling purpose built bookcases and shelving and and radiator cover purpose built with bookshelves over it.

It seemed impossible to fill this house however fast forward 13 years down the line and factor in 2 children and it’s fit to burst.


The kids have well and truly taken over, you’ll now find toys in their bedrooms, the kitchen has a 4×4 ikea storage unit filled with games and half of the front room has been turned into a playroom.

I’ve been slowly having an annual clear out ready for Christmas, I actually do this before each of their birthdays too as I know the amount they receive however as fast as I clear this house, it fills again just as fast.

What I really need to do now and urgently too is to clear the spare room which has become a junk room. The plan is to turn this room into Harry’s new bedroom, a bigger room for him and more room for toys.  This room has a large cupboard inside which would easily accommodate the kids board games and larger toys. Unfortunately before we can change the bedrooms around we need to remove a load of junk – this is what has been stopping me previously, it would take many trips to the dump which is time consuming, instead it may be easier to hire a rubbish removal team to do this instead. I could clear the room and move all the unwanted items to the front garden and then be worry free that I wouldn’t have to clear this myself.


With the toys cleared from the front room I would once again have room for the Christmas tree and decorations but for now until I have the time, energy and inclination to clear the bedrooms of the unwanted junk I have taken to selling the toys they don’t play with on eBay and giving some away to friends and charity.

Who would have thought finding room for a Christmas tree would be just so difficult?

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