Easter Cards with a difference – Bunny cards

This week we made Easter cards to give to the grandparents, I love to get the children involved and make something personal as gifts.
This is an something Emmy made at school and we recreated at home.
You will need:
White Card
Photograph of your child’s face
Black pen
Pink paint
To start – Paint your child’s foot and press onto the white card, do this with each foot and put aside to dry.
Cut out a circle and an oval shape – these will be the face and the body.
Cut small oval shapes and paint bunny foot prints on using your fingertips.
When the footprints are dry, cut around them to make ear shapes and assemble your bunny.
Add the photograph to the face, draw on a bunny nose and whiskers and you have a very simple Easter bunny card to give as gifts.  It is very quick and easy and looks great.
You can add a message on the tummy if you wish or add pipe cleaners of wool whiskers too.

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29 thoughts on “Easter Cards with a difference – Bunny cards

  1. This is great, so simple. Such fun to do with the children it will occupy the children for hours. Coloring a pattern on the paper before you or they cut out the pieces extends the time spent and they look fab.

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