Easter Eggs from Thorntons

I admit to leaving Easter Eggs to the last minute, I wait to see what is on offer and buy last minute.
So when I received an email asking if I had my eggs already the timing was perfect. 
I left the egg choices up to Thorntons; as who doesn’t love a surprise?
I may have been about as Egg-cited as the kids when our delivery arrived.
This bundle is called Happy Hopalot’s Easter Surprise bundle and consists of:
  • 2 Harry Hopalot white chocolate eggs
  • 2 Chunky milk chocolate eggs
  • Moments from classics egg with a selection of favourite chocolates
  • Classics milk chocolate egg with a selection of favourite chocolates
  • Footie fantastic milk chocolate egg
  • Shining star milk chocolate egg
  • Premium chocolates selection
  • 2 chocolate lollies
The kids were very quick to claim stake to the ones they wanted – with Emmy choosing the Shining star and Harry grabbing a Harry Hopalot.  They haven’t had them yet – they need to wait until the weekend but they are very excited to get stuck in.
There are various offers over on the Thorntons wesite currently including save £5 when you spend £30 and 5 eggs for £20.
We have an Easter egg hunt planned for Sunday at Nanny’s house, she has baskets and mini eggs at the ready and the kids baby nephew will be joining in too (as much as he can), we all join in to help hide the eggs around Nanny and Grandad’s house and garden and then watch the kids fill their baskets up while the Sunday lunch is cooking.
I have bought Emmy and Harry some WOW toys as their Easter present – purchased in the sales after Christmas and stowed away and our baby nephew has a toy too,  Other family members will be treated to the eggs above and I may even try to keep one back for myself! 
What are your Easter traditions? Do you buy Eggs or gifts?  Or do you look for something different such as these eggs from around the world?


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