Easter for adults – Easter cocktails with Aldi

When you think of Easter you automatically think of bunnies, chocolates, eggs and fun for the children.
If you were to think of an adults Easter treat you may think of a lovely roast Lamb dinner and a nice Easter egg or hot cross bun, however I’ve something to show you.
How about this as a treat:
This is a White Chocolate Bunny made using ingredients sent to me from Aldi.  I’ve enjoyed trying different things with drinks I often buy however would usually drink in a tall glass with coke.
The base of this drink is Rum.
  • 30ml Old Hopkin Dark Rum
  • 30ml Cocobay White Rum and Coconut
  • 100ml cold full cream milk
  • 50ml double cream
  • Ice cubes
  • Grated white chocolate and cocoa powder to garnish
Place all ingredients (except the garnish)  into a cocktail shaker with ice cubes and shake well.  Strain into a glass of your choice and garnish with grated white chocolate and dusk with cocoa powder.
This is a very rich cocktail and rather filling due to the cream and the milk however it is very nice, surprisingly the coconut and creaminess works well.  (I may have gone back for seconds or thirds, just to try it out!)
Aldi’s beers, wines and spirits range has received 82 accolades from internationally recognised competitions, including 33 awards at the International Wine Challenge 2013, 20 awards at the International Wine and spirits competition 2013 and 10 awards at the International Spirits Challenge 2013.
I’ve tried out a few which have been sent and my favourite was the Orchard Premium Apple Cider, this comes in a 568ml bottle and costs a reasonable 99p.  This would be perfect with a nice pork joint alongside Sunday lunch.
Fancy something different?
Then why not try a Blackforest Martini:
  • 45ml Amaretto Liqueur
  • 15ml Jim Beam Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey
  • 20ml Morello Cherry Juice (from a jar of cherries)
  • Ice Cubes
  • Finely chopped almonds, to rim the glass (opitional)
  • Morello cherry, grated dark chocolate – to garnish
(optional) Put finely chopped almonds onto a saucer. Pour Amaretto into a shallow bowl, dip the rim of a Martini glass into the Amaretto and then into the chopped almonds.
Pour the Amaretto into a cocktail shaker and add a ingredients with the ice and shake well.
Strain into the glass.
Garnish with a black cherry and grated dark chocolate.
What will you be eating and drinking as a special treat on Sunday?
Disclaimer:  I was sent a Hamper of Aldi Drinks and chocolates in exchange for this post.  I am now on a mission to find some more of these Choceur Marzipan Eggs before they all sell out, they are delicious but I didn’t say that and if you see any…..do not eat them, send them to me!



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26 thoughts on “Easter for adults – Easter cocktails with Aldi

  1. mmm I love run so these tasty cocktails are right up my street and I would be super happy to get the rabbit too! x

  2. Oh my goodness they look delicious…cherries are my favourite fruit so I love the look of the black forest martini, but the white chocolate bunny looks yummy too!!

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