Easter fun

Have you ever wondered why Easter dates change every year? I find the date changes rather difficult to plan in advance for holidays the next year as I’ve never really been one for diaries.  The change in dates is because Easter Sunday falls on the first Sunday following the full moon so will fall anytime March 22nd and April 25th.

We love Easter, the kids possibly more so as they really enjoy an Easter Egg hunt – I can’t say I blame them, the pull of chocolate is rather fun indeed, although with a rather large family I do end up limiting their chocolate intake to save from bouncing from the walls daily.

Another fun part of Easter for us is an annual Easter holiday with my sister and her children, this will be the second year we head to the caravan at Walton for a girls and children break. The children love the freedom which comes with this type of holiday – less rules, no set bedtimes, no enforced healthy parts to dinners which as parents we feel we need to add to their plates even when we know they won’t eat it. No housework and lots and lots of fun.

We have an Easter Egg hunt planned and I have packed lots of tech free fun – such as cards, colouring and a few board games. We can’t wait.

Before we head off though, the children still have a few days left of school and an Easter competition to take part in – they could make a hat, basket or an Easter garden. Both chose to make hats and I have to say they are adorable – yes I am biased.

Emmy has won her Easter bonnet competition for the past 2 years and is desperate to win again – I may have to buy an Easter Egg ready for her just in case she doesn’t win this year.

Does your child’s school do anything for the children to help them celebrate Easter? Ours of course are learning Easter hymns and the story of Jesus and even Harry is now able to re-tell the story of Jesus and the resurrection, albeit in a basic way where he forgets half of the story mid-way through. I have a friend who’s child attends a nursery in Tunbridge Wells and they are all very excited for their Easter competition and will be dressing up too.

I leave you with a few fun facts about Easter.

*Collaborative post*


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