Easter Gift Guide 2015 – Easter Egg Alternatives

I don’t know about your children but mine get too many Easter eggs so it’s rather nice to find an alternative to give as presents. 
I’ve been looking around this year to see what other options are around and there are some rather lovely alternatives available.
Personalised Egg Cups:
A break away from the normal chocolate eggs, a gift which can be enjoyed all year round by children of all ages.
These personalised Easter Egg cups feature a Easter chick or Easter bunny (the choice is yours) and can have your child’s name added to the top of the design (up to 12 characters per egg cup).
Both Emmy and Harry love soft boiled eggs with marmite toast soldiers for breakfast – a great way to start the day.
Priced at £6.99 each and available from www.findmeagift.co.uk
Chocolate Flip-Flops:
Yes you read that correctly, chocolate flip-flops!!  OK they may not be real chocolate as that would just be silly but just look at these:
I’ll be honest, I would be over the moon to receive these – chocolate you can enjoy at any time, guilt free and calorie too!  These are available from www.havaianas-store.com for £22
Perfect for the hotter weather we have been promised or ready for the summer holidays and beach trips.
Peter Rabbit Plush Toys:
Nothing says Easter more than the Easter Bunny and Peter Rabbit is hugely loved by both Emmy and Harry.  It is currently one of their much loved TV shows, one which is guaranteed to keep Harry entertained and still (a winner in my books) and one I actually enjoy watching too. 
Peter Rabbit brings back fond memories of my childhood and having just taken part in the Happy Feaster blog tour with Ladybird books and the Happy Foodie to make our Peter Rabbit inspired Carrot soup with cheesy rabbit bread dippers this plush toy was warmly welcomed into the family by Harry who has taken to sleeping with it in his bed.
This 6″ cuddly plush rabbit comes priced £6.99 and is from www.vividtoysandgames.co.uk. You can choose from Peter, Lily Bobtail, Benjamin Bunny and also Cotton tail.  As you can probably imagine Emmy is keen for us to add the others to our collection, and I actually have to agree as they are just adorable!
We love to bake in our house and the children have already started putting in their orders of what we will make this Easter with Easter birds nests high on their list.  This year we are also planning to make our own hotcross buns, Easter cakes and I have been drooling over cream egg cheesecake recipes I saw last year – even though the children don’t like cheesecake or cream eggs (that’s a bonus obviously as it means more for me!)
With 2 Easter egg hunts planned over the bank holiday weekend we will have to get ‘cracking’ soon and start preparing.
Aldi have some baking accessories available in their SpecialBuys while stocks last – including Measuring Jug/Kitchen Scales (£6.99) and silicone bakeware – silicone bakeware is available in 8 different shapes and colours (£3.49)
The measuring jug has a digital display and can measure in ml, oz and cups – very useful for measuring oil, flour, milk and water quantities when baking.
There is nothing more exciting to Emmy than stationary, she is currently obsessed with drawing and it’s the one thing she will do daily and happily for hours at a time so she was over the moon with a wonderful delivery we received last week from Smiggle.
The children were each sent a lovely and vibrant backpack each along with matching lunchbox and drinks flask as well as some fantastic stationary.
The backpacks are a wonderful size for either School or for taking out and about with picnics inside.
They each have a very large inside padded main section for school books, change of clothes, lunch boxes (or even clothes for a weekend away).  They have a extra pocket in the main compartment to keep books flat or valuables from falling to the bottom of the bag.  There are lots of zipped pockets and compartments to this bag meaning you will be able to easily find things and they wont all fall to the bottom of the bag – they is a compartment for everything! and also a side netting compartment for a drinks bottle.
The lunchboxes are both different – Emmy’s pink cat design has two compartments (top and bottom) so you can easily separate puddings in one section to stop fruit from being bruised, or to help ensure children each their sandwiches first of course!  Harry’s is a one compartment lunch box which is perfect for when he starts pre-school soon, as although he will be doing mornings only to start I may eventually change to a full day so I am able to get more done (time will tell on that one).
The drinks bottles are large in size so although heavy if fully filled they will last all day, adding them into the netted compartments of the bags means you don’t have to keep carrying them around.  They also feature a safety catch which you push up to stop them accidently opening.
Both children love the twist up crayons too, as do I as it means there isn’t the constant breaking you get with normal crayons, they are also easier for Harry to hold and to draw with – they come in 24 colours so a shade for every thing you want to draw.
Available from www.smiggle.co.uk
Scavenger Hunt:
This is a very fun game which can be played indoors and outdoors and the difficulty level can be adapted depending on who is playing.
Basically a treasure hunt for young children – you have 2 sets of indoor cards and 2 sets of outdoor cards.
Give the children cards and they have to hunt the house or garden for that object – a perfect way to burn off some energy and get away from the TV – either give the children a card to and set them hunting or you can get a little competitive and set them off on a search for the same item, competing to find it first!
Emmy and Harry both really enjoyed this game (although I did end up with a pile of found objects in the kitchen once they had finished).
Rather handy to bring out when you are trying want to cook dinner and they want to play games.
Available from Cheatwell Games
They also have lots of other after dinner games and trivia games available.
Science & Play – Chocolate Treats:

A kit for budding pastry chefs who would like to make delicious chocolate creations, including a Spring-themed sheep – plus, a mould for kids to make their own Easter egg!
The set includes an illustrated manual, muffin mix, paper cake cases, biscuit cutters, a spoon, a pastry syringe, gel food colouring, coloured sugar decorations and a practical chocolate melter.
This set stimulates manual skills and creativity and is aimed at both boys and girls.
Suitable for children aged 8 years and above
RRP £19.99 www.clementoni.com

Mapped Helix:

I am loving this Color’Peps Flex Box from Maped Helix – such a clever design and one I wish I had when I was younger.  A storage box containing colouring pencils. 

This unique design stores the pencils then when you are using them you take off the lid and push down the concertinaed middle which clips down into place and you then have a easy storage pot for easy access to your pencils.

Once finished push in the two catches on the side and pull upwards, put the lid on and pop into your school bag!


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15 thoughts on “Easter Gift Guide 2015 – Easter Egg Alternatives

  1. I really like the Peter Rabbit toy. As a kid I used to get things like egg cups – have to say I was always disappointed, but that was more down to my chocolate addiction! Stephen :o)

  2. There are some excellent ideas here and such a good idea to give non chocolate ones, I've asked relatives to avoid in our house as we always end up with so many eggs

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