Easy Peasy Fishy Dishy

Emmy can be a fussy eater sometimes (she didn’t used to be) however one of her ALL time favourites is fish pie – she would eat this for every meal all day, every day if she could, but it does get boring.

Here is a new tomatoe based Fish dish which we tried this week and she loved it.


Pack of frozen Coley
1 Onion
1 tin of Heinz cream of Tomatoe soup (can be another brand)
1 tin of Hienz cream of Mushroom soup (can be another brand)
1/4 pint of Milk
Knob of Butter

This is what we did:

I put the frozen Coley into my microwave steamer with a little butter and a dash of milk and steamed until cooked for about 6-7 minutes, I then drained the liquid from the fish and added the fish to a casserole dish.  Meanwhile boiling the potatoes ready to mash.

Emmy then stirred this for me while I sauted the onions and added them to the fish.

We then stirred in both of the tins of soup.

We then added frozen peas and sweetcorn and stirred into the mix, topped with mashed potatoe and cheese and baked in the oven for 15-20 minutes on 200 degrees.

Having Emmy help to cook our dinner encourages her to try new foods and this went down really well, infact she had seconds!

This took 20 minutes to prepare and 20 minutes to cook.  You could also add a layer of sliced hard boiled egg on top of the fish before adding the potatoe if you wish.

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