How It’s Possible to Eat Out and Save Money

How It’s Possible to Eat Out and Save Money
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January is the month where everyone is trying to save money to make up for the overspending at Christmas, and with everyone else saving, it makes it pretty easy to save a bit of extra cash yourself. However, February is the month where people are bored of staying in every weekend and everyone’s looking to get out and about. Personally for us, February means Emmy’s birthday, Valentine’s day and countless friend’s birthdays on top of that, which means heading out for a celebration at some point is inevitable. Not to worry though, there are loads of ways to enjoy a great meal (that you haven’t had to cook) while still saving money – take a look at these few great tips.

Food Membership Cards

If you are going to be eating out a lot, then a loyalty card is an absolute must because you can make some serious savings. Take Tastecard for example. You can currently buy a membership for £29.99 a year which might seem like an unnecessary expenditure at first, but it entitles you to 50% off or 2 for 1 in more than 6,000 restaurants and chains around the UK. So, if you like to eat out, you’ll make your money back in no time. You’ll also find discounts at hotels, day out experiences and at selected cinemas, which is perfect for families as cinema tickets can really add up. Finally, with certain Natwest current accounts, you’ll get your Tastecard for free.

Discount Sites

If you don’t want to sign up for a membership but still want a deal, sites like Groupon, Wowcher and Deals Queen could be a better option. Sign up for their mailing list and you’ll get a daily email with all the latest restaurant offers local to you. One thing to note is that these sites tend to have deals more suited for couples with “dinner for two” a very popular offer – perfect for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries or just to treat yourselves – so if you’re looking to eat with the entire families or with the kids then check that the restaurant will accept multiple vouchers or provide a children’s menu before you buy.

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Restaurant Offers

More often than not, you’ll actually find that restaurants themselves give the best offers. Hungryhorse for example, has a special offer on every day with the kids eat for £1 Monday offer one of the most popular. A popular offer during school holidays is a kids eat free deal, or kids eat for £1.

For adults, a lot of pubs and restaurants will have a tapas evening, pizza, curry or burger night which means on certain days of the week the price of these dishes is significantly reduced, so it’s definitely worth checking out the menu for any offers before you book. A lot of places will also have an early bird or pre-theatre menu which are a brilliant way to save money and still get a lovely meal. These will usually be a 2 or 3 course menu for a fixed price making them wonderful for birthdays and other celebrations as you can budget before you arrive.


Of course, eating out isn’t always the most enjoyable, or romantic option! If you’re planning a cosy date night but don’t want to get dolled up to go out, then your favourite film, a takeaway on its way and some scented candles is the perfect option. Not only is this a much more relaxing option, it will also save a lot of cash. Nowadays many takeaways offer restaurant-quality foods with a significant saving on their full price menu and some will even offer freebies like appetisers or beer if you spend a certain amount. Find out what offers are available at your local takeaway by clicking here.


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