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While visiting the Babyshow recently I got chatting to Sophie about her eco-friendly detergent free cleaning product the Eco Egg.  This product is designed to replace the need for washing detergents, is kind to the environment and most importantly to a growing family it saves money – the Eco Egg lasts up to 720 washes which if doing 4/5 loads of washing a week this will last up to 3 years (it will last me much longer as I only do 3 a week at the moment, although that will change when baby comes along)

I was very keen to put this to the test and have been reviewing one of these for the past two weeks now. 

Whats in the box?

  • Very detailed instructions stating how to fill your Eco Egg and how to use the egg
  • Empty yellow Eco Egg
  • White mineral pellets
  • Dark coloured tourmaline ceramic pellets

First of all you will need to detox your washing machine! This surprised me a little however thinking about all the chemicals which go through my machine I could understand why – so I made sure the machine was empty and turned it onto the hottest setting and let it run though the cycle (Strangely I often do this with the dishwasher just never think to do so with the washing machine).

Next job was to fill the Egg with the pellets, a 50p is needed to remove the top off of the egg, then the black tourmaline ceramic pellets go in first, followed by 3 packs of the white mineral pellets and the top is screwed back into place using the 50p.

I popped this into my machine with my first load of dark washing, added nothing extra and turned onto a 40 degree eco wash as I normally would.  These can be used on any wash cycle including a very hot wash and a delicate cycle, I just stuck to my normal wash cycle for review purposes.  The egg is placed inside the machine drum along with the washing, although you can not over load the machine as the Eco Egg needs to move around in the washing to work.
When the load was finished I noticed it was actually clean – yes I was a little surprised as I know it says on the box it works but I do like to see this for myself.  What I did notice and miss was the lack of smell to my washing – I’m used to using fabric softener and fragranced washing liquid and the washing was lacking that fresh smell I was used to.  This can easily be fixed by adding a little essential oil into the wash or by adding fabric softener; which is what I did for the next few washes and my washing was clean and smelt fresh again.
I tried it with a very dirty White wash on its own (I’ve a toddler and a dog so Whites never stay White for very long in this household) and on it’s own it didn’t quite cut through all of the dirt – but it was a very dirty load! and normally I would have added stain remover to the wash.  Trialing this product on another very dirty load of Whites I added fabric softener and a scoop of stain remover and it came out perfectly clean – as clean as it normally would have using washing liquid.
So from now on I will continue to use this Eco Egg and have completely removed my need to buy washing detergent!  This will save a fortune and save me worrying about Emmy’s skin (she is allergic to some detergents and soaps) so I always worry about switching brands occasionally if my local supermarket has run out. 
The benefits of using Eco Egg:
  • Last up to 720 washes
  • Costs approx 3p per wash
  • Economical – you can save £216 or more
  • Hypoallergenic – great for sensitive skin
  • Kinder to the environment – No harsh chemicals
  • Safe for use with fabric softener
  • Safe to use up to 60 degrees Celsius
  • Works great on cooler washer – saving energy
  • Suitable for white and coloured clothes – no bleaches
  • Safe on all fabrics – even delicates
  • Simple and convenient to use – no mess, no fuss
  • It works – proven by an independent laboratory and endorsed by Kim Woodburn (How Clean Is Your House?)
The Eco Egg is available to buy for £19.99 and is available with a 30 day money back guarantee.
For further information please visit the website:

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  1. thx for the review. i have seen simular products in the past but never tried as didnt think it would clean properly. after this review i am more convinced to get one a go.

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