Effective Beauty Hacks for Busy Mums

When you’re a mother, it can sometimes be difficult to get yourself prepped in the morning either for work or to run errands. There are babies to feed, toddlers to placate, spilled food to clean up, toys to pick up, and any other urgent matters you have to deal with. You’re lucky if you can get a few minutes to put on your makeup at the very least.

But just because you’re pressed for time and you have a lot on your mind shouldn’t mean you should neglect your daily beauty routine. With the help of these quick beauty hacks, you can keep yourself looking good even with just a few minutes to spare in the mornings:

Problem: Messy brows

Hack: Dab a small amount of balm on your brows and brush them into place with upward strokes, using a toothbrush.

  • Problem: Thin lashes

Hack: If you don’t have time to apply false eyelashes, a dash of baby powder will do the trick. Using a Q-tip, apply baby powder on your lashes between coats of your favourite mascara for an instant volumising effect.

  • Problem: Grey hairs

Hack: Take your eye shadow palette and pick the shade that is closest to your own hair colour. With a brush or an applicator, gently dab the eye shadow on the affected hairs. Voila! The greys are instantly gone.

  • Problem: Ran out of foundation

Hack: Make a DIY foundation on the spot by mixing small amounts of concealer and moisturizer. This solution will work just as well as your foundation in providing that much-needed coverage.

  • Problem: Acne-prone skin

Hack: Green tea is not just good for your stomach; it works wonders for your skin too. Take the remains of your morning tea and massage a generous amount over your face. It’s perfect as a pore-refining and anti-bacterial toner, which is good news for your acne-prone skin.

  • Problem: Dull skin

Hack: The baby oil you use for your little one can double as an anti-aging highlighter. Pour out a few drops, warm it up between your hands, and pat on top of your cheekbones to achieve an instant dewy effect for that fresh, young look.

  • Problem: A puffy face

Hack: If you often wake up with a puffy face in the mornings, an effective trick is to simply sleep with an extra pillow or two. This will help reduce the puffiness as it allows the fluids around your eye area to drain easily.

  • Problem: Tired eyes

Hack: If you’re tired from an all-nighter with your baby but have to look presentable for an AM meeting, don’t stress. With shimmery beige eye shadow, you can make your eyes look instantly awake and alert. Swipe them on your eyelids and enhance the look with coats of mascara.

  • Problem: Irritated and inflamed skin

Hack: Those late nights and busy schedule can sooner or later take its toll on your skin, resulting in inflammation and irritation. Try storing your cleanser and a gel-based moisturizer like Aloe Vera soothing gel in your refrigerator to get instant cooling relief when you’re doing your daily cleansing routine.

  • Problem: Hair Loss

Hack: As you get older, your hair becomes more porous and loses nutrients. It also becomes more prone to hair loss. Aside from getting hair treatments now and then, you should also consider hair extensions from Human Hair Extension Online. Extensions are a quick, fuss-free way to look gorgeous without much effort.

As a mother caring for your family, you shouldn’t forget to take care of one special person: yourself. No matter how busy you are, don’t forget to pamper yourself from time to time. You deserve it.

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