Eisbery Non-Alcoholic Wine Review

Those of you who know me well enough will know that when I’m not pregnant you will usually find a bottle of Rose wine chilling in my fridge or even a nice bottle of sparkling White wine at times for a change.  I do like a glass with my dinner. 

This maybe due to working with children and is my way to unwind or maybe because I just like it, I think the latter unless it’s been a stressful day.  Well being pregnant has stopped all that – I know you are allowed a small drink every now and then and I’m sure when my Grandma was pregnant it was a pint of Guinness a night, however I do not like too. (I’m not saying that a glass won’t pass my lips for the whole of my pregnancy as I know that won’t be true!)

I have discovered the answer to my problems.  I can still have a bottle of wine chilling in the fridge to have with my dinner, Eisberg non-alcoholic wine.

I was sent a bottle of Eisberg non-alcoholic Rose to try out recently, so into the fridge it went and I saved it for a Saturday night in front of the TV.  Paul was out and I had control of the remote for a change – my idea of bliss! (No more Pawn Stars or Big Bang Theory all night long).

I had been missing the whole opening of the bottle of wine as well as the actual drinking it part, and was beginning to get bored of water, squash or diet coke so this was a welcomed change.

I was pleased to find out I needed a cork screw to open the bottle as you should with all good wines.  So as not spoil my treat I used a wine glass too.

I was actually surprised, I was unsure what to expect with it being alcohol free but it tasted good.  I will say if your used to a certain tasting Rose then it is very different, however it is a nice substitute for those of us who can’t drink or are cutting out drinking.  It had a fruity taste and was very refreshing.  It has an aroma of Strawberries with a hint of cherries – a nice summery drink (if we ever get a summer).

Eisberg wines are made in the same was as alcoholic wines are then the alcohol is gently removed using one of the world’s most advanced techniques to ensure that as much of the original character and intricate flavours of the wine are kept intact. The result is an alcohol free wine containing less than 0.05% alcohol, only 34 calories per 125ml glass.

These Non-alcoholic wines are available in four varieties: Reisling, Rose, Chardonay and Cabernet Sauvignon and can be purchased from Tesco, Morrisons, Waitrose, Booths, Nisa Local, Londis, Budgens, Spar, Ocado, Bargain Booze and Slurp.co.uk.

I would have love to have found this when I was pregnant with Emmy as we had lots of friends over while I was in the 1st trimester and had to resort to Ribena in a wine glass so they didn’t find out before we were ready to tell our secret!

You can find out more about these wines from their website: http://www.eisberg.co.uk/ or by visiting their Facebook page.

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