Ella’s Kitchen Fromage Frais Review

Ella’s Kitchen are known for there great range of children’s foods from first stage weaning to older toddler foods and snacks.

Ella’s Kitchen was set up by Paul (father to Ella and Paddy) who believed that young children should have the opportunity to eat better food and also to discover that healthy food can be fun, tasty and cool.

Simple, natural ingredients were taken which ooze goodness and used to create baby foods, and packaging, that really connects with little ones – with flavours, colours, textures and even names that will appeal to all of their senses.

Emmy was sent a selection of the new puddings available – her favourite was the fromage frais which come in packs of 6 with two different flavours in the pack – 3 Mango and 3 Banana.

Made from whole milk and pureed fruit these have no other added ingredients so I know exactly what Emmy is eating and also know she will enjoy them.

These are perfect for Emmy as she hates ‘bits’ in her puddings and refuses anything which is slightly lumpy.

They are also good for sharing with friends.

Emmy also tried the new Rice Puddings which are now available however did not like these, she has never been a fan of rice pudding so I was actually not surprised.  She also tried the new thick and creamy yogurts and once again wasn’t keen – she is set in her ways and doesn’t like change so the thicker texture wasn’t liked by her at all – however her friend polished them all off in less than 2 days with the help of her sister.

The new range of puddings can be found in the fridges of Tesco’s and Ocado.  to find out more about Ella’s Kitchen please visit their website: http://www.ellaskitchen.co.uk/

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