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A little while ago we received a lovely message from a company called La Lalla – this was not a company I had heard of before however after chatting for a long time and having a look around their site, we were very keen to work together.
The company is a Polish company from Szczecin who specialise in making mini me style dolls.  You are able to choose a doll which you customise to look just like you or your child – the cost of the doll is £15.90.
You start by choosing the hair colour:
A selection of hair and eye colours
There are so many options to choose from that it is really easy to find one to match.  The options are:
  • Blond hair with Blue eyes
  • Blond hair with Brown eyes
  • Blond hair with Green eyes
  • Platinum Blond hair with Blue eyes
  • Dark Blond hair with Blue eyes
  • Dark Blond hair with  Brown eyes
  • Medium Blond hair with Brown eyes
  • Brunette hair with Blue eyes
  • Brunette hair with Brown eyes
  • Goldilocks with Light Brown eyes
  • Auburn hair with Blue eyes
  • Auburn hair with Green eyes
  • Black hair with Brown eyes
  • Black hair with Green eyes
  • Asian with Black eyes
  • Dark skinned with Brown eyes
As you can see there is an option to suit all – after choosing the hair and eye colour you go onto choose the hair length, you have the choice of waist length, arm length, shoulder length or ear length hair.
You then choose from straight, curly or half curls for your doll and you have the option to choose a fringe if you wish.
I made our doll to look like Emmy so she has Blond with brown eyes, shoulder length half curly hair without a fringe.
You can preview your doll to see if it is a good match
This is Emmy’s preview
After creating your doll you can choose clothes for her.  Now this is what I LOVED the most – not only do you get an outfit for your doll but it comes with an outfit for your child too (outfits are brought separately from the doll).  There a wide range of outfits from Sports dresses, tops and leggings, tops and skirts, plain dresses and party dresses.
Also another option you have is to buy a matching outfit for yourself, so you, your daughter and her doll can all look alike – personally that’s not something I would ever do but each to their own.
Outfits for your child and their doll start at £14.90 and range up to £33 and come in a wide range of sizes.
Here are a few outfit examples:
I actually let Emmy choose the outfit she wanted and she chose a grey dress with white polka dots and which was accessories with turquoise.  It really was a perfect choice for her and looks adorable on.
The last thing on the website is accessories – you can choose shoes for your doll, socks, tights and even glasses!  There are also hats and bracelets for both your child and the doll.
This company seem to have really thought of everything!  Upon chatting with the owner I discovered that the dolls are produced in Spain and the clothes in Poland.  The company for formed when Sandra and her friend were looking for a perfect doll when her baby was born, they found they just couldn’t find the perfect one and thus the company was born – 3 years ago. 
The company sell their dolls and outfits in Poland, Germany, Spain and the UK
I could not wait to receive Emmy’s custom made doll – It’s not everyday you get a doll who looks exactly like you is it?  Emmy was so impatient waiting – our poor postman, luckily it didn’t take too long to arrive.
It came beautifully wrapped like a present in a lovely pink box with a ribbon.


Excuse the food around her face in the video – she had just had breakfast.
As you can see she was very excited, as was I.  The quality of the clothing is great, Emmy has now worn her dress many times and it washes amazingly – I ordered a larger size as she is currently having yet another growth spurt so I’m hoping it will last a while.
Emmy gets so much attention when her and dolly (she still doesn’t have a name) wear the same outfit, she even wore it to a private party in Hamleys and dolly came along too.

It is just the cutest site to see her carrying around her doll, chatting away to it and they are dressed the same.

I am very tempted to add a few more outfits to Emmy’s Christmas list.  These would make fabulous Christmas presents for any little girl.
If you would like further information about these dolls, outfits or accessories then please visit www.la-lalla.com

Disclaimer:  We received this doll and clothing in exchange for an honest and impartial review.  All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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  1. Ahh she looks delighted with the doll ? My four year old girl would love one…will advise Santa to check them out 😉 x

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