Emmy has green fingers – Just like Grandad

If you have ever been round to my house you will know that gardening has never been my strong point.  Infact when we first moved in we had gardeners – they were never very good to be honest and often it was hard to tell exactly what they had done, but it meant that I didn’t have to bother which was fantastic.

However with me going on maternity leave then eventually stopping Nannying we got rid of the gardeners and I started to do it myself.  We had a horrid push along mower which was fine if I remembered to do it at least fortnightly, which I didn’t, then it was such hard work.  I stupidly could be found heavily pregnant pushing the mower through very long grass with my bump as it was too long, thank goodness we now have a decent lawn mower!  There was a time recently where I was cutting the grass and went to do the front of the house when Emmy decided she didn’t want to be in her smart trike anymore, so i strapped her to my back with my Mei Tai and carried on cutting the grass – now that’s multi-tasking for you.

But that’s as far as my green fingers go.  If it requires watering then forget it, as it’s a sure thing that I will at some point.  I start of well and with all good intentions but it never lasts.

Now Emmy spends so much time in the garden, my dad has been helping me with the garden – cutting down overgrown trees and bushes, cutting the grass, shaping the trees and making fantastic hanging baskets for me.  All so it is Emmy proof and looks nice.  Now i’m finding it much easier to maintain as it looks nice and I want it to stay that way. 

Thank you Daddy for all your help it looks fantastic!! 

We have decided that at some point to build a veggie patch, but once the garden is finished.  Paul is going to knock down the barbeque and do a bit of rearranging first. 

My dad is a great gardener and has the most beautiful garden, he has started growing his own veggies and brought 2 tomatoe plants over for me.  Well in true Clare fashion I managed to kill them within 2 weeks 🙁 I miss read the tomatoe feed instuctions and used too much – resulting in dead tomatoe plants.  My dad laughed at me.

I then brought 2 more from Homebase and my Dad gave me another, well i’m pleased to say not only are they still alive but they are flourishing and we had our first Tomatoe off of it today.  All thanks to Emmy, as I brought her a children’s watering can and she has taken over.  She will not let me forget to water them and she is enjoying it.  She has green fingers!

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