Bashful Bunny Review

Emmy was sent a Bashful Bunny to love and to cherish and thats exactly what has happened, this very cute soft cuddly bunny sent to her from an Online Nursery Shop called Hello Baby Direct has now become her bedtime bunny.

Funnily enough I was only saying recently how Emmy doesn’t seem keen on cuddly toys in bed with her, only her dummy (Dodo) is an essential at bedtimes however this Bunny has fast become a firm favourite of her’s. Second only to her dolly which goes absolutely everywhere with her and has to ride on her toys when she does.

The bunny is a medium size (also available in a small size) and is priced £9.99, it is a lovely beige colour and has the softest plush fur ever – so much so I often find myself stroking the bunny as if it were real – yes I have gone mad but I bet you would do the same if it were yours.

Cuddly toys very rarely hold Emmy’s attention for very long, quite simply to her they are boring, if they do not make a noise or move about then she really couldn’t care less about them, however this one is so cute she seems to love it. If you ask her when her bunny is she always knows, so is is keeping a close eye on it. This may have something to do with our recent holiday where we stayed on a working farm and she was able to feed the bunnies and pick them up if she wanted. I think given the chance she would have brought a bunny home, so now in a way she has – and I much prefer this bunny as it is house trained, eats very little (Emmy does try to feed it biscuits and bananas but it doesn’t seem very keen – she will not share her carrots with anyone as they are her favourite) and is no trouble at all.

As you can see Emmy loves this cute toy and here she is showing bunny the view out of the car window – not much of a view as we were in a supermarket carpark but bunny and Emmy had fun, after this we had to strap bunny into a trolley with Emmy and she did insist that bunny wore a seltbelt too.

Since Emmy was born I have been meaning to buy her a cuddly toy from the Jelly Kitten range but never got around to it.  Jellycat was established in Hammersmith in 1999, it is one of the world’s leading luxury soft toy companies, fast becoming a lifestyle company.  They design in England and produce and distribute high quality soft toy items around the world. Their Brands are Jellycat and Jelly Kitten.  JellyKitten are for babies and toddlers from six months to four years of age and Jellycat are soft toys with ageless appeal.       

(I don’t think Emmy will be letting this toy go for many years to come)

Hello Baby Direct not only sell soft toys but a huge range of other baby and nursery items some of which include Baby Toys, Nursery Furniture, Travel and Safety Products. To see the whole range of items available please visit

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