Emmy’s dream pet comes to life

When I was a child I grew up with a menagerie of pets at home. It was lovely and all my friends loved coming over for playdates – often joking they were coming to visit the zoo and then went home trying to convince their parents they had to have new pets.
My Dad kept and bred birds in an Aviary in the garden – Budgies, Finches, Canaries and even Quails.  He had 2 ponds in the garden – one with goldfish and another with Koi.  We had a Parrot, Fish tanks, A Dog, Chinchilla, Hamster and even 2 Tortoises’.
Growing up with pets meant that I was never afraid of them if I visited friends houses and it also helped to teach me how to care for them.  Owning a pet helps to teach children a sense of responsibility from a young age – they know they need feeding, cleaning out, walking (depending on the animal) and they can’t be ignored for days at a time.  This is something I was keen for our children to learn.
We already had Barney (our Border Collie) before the children were born so they have grown up knowing how to care for him, they help to feed him, brush him, wash him and walk him with us.  They play with him and really do love him.
We have also added goldfish to our family home and a Hamster.  We had their uncles rabbit living with us too for a while so they are now very used to caring for pets.
Recently Petplan got in touch and invited Emmy to draw her dream pet – this could be any animal real or make believe.  She could make this as elaborate as she wanted with the only limit being her imagination.
She absolutely loved this challenge and drew not one but 3 dream pets all weird and wonderful.


This is Emmy’s Giraffe – it is wearing armbands and has 8 spots.  He has a very long neck for eating leaves.


This is her Bee which is also wearing armbands.  He has a yellow and blue jumper on and is wearing a chef’s hat.  He has long wings to fly.
It was very hard to choose my favourite drawing so in the end I emailed all three over to Petplan who picked their favourite and make a little magic happen for a very excited little girl.  The look on her face says it all – Her dream animal came to life!
A video posted by Clare Nicholas (@emmysmummy1) on Jun 18, 2016 at 2:14am PDT

I just love her Elephant, she worked so hard to make it perfect and spent hours colouring it in using her favourite colours. It not only has a long trunk but 3 humps on its back and wings so he can fly.Petplan had her drawing made into a special cuddly toy for her which she absolutely loves and has taken to bed most nights since it arrived.


While Emmy may not be able to own this animal as a pet – even she knows that Elephants can’t fly, she is very happy with her soft toy.Emmy and I have been talking about the needs of pets and what it takes to care for them – she is very used to caring for ours at home and knows they need food, water and exercise however she hasn’t really encountered vets yet.  She knows that animals go to a vets like we go to doctors but she hasn’t been with us when we’ve had to take any of our pets, and of course she wouldn’t have any idea of the types of costs involved when pets get hurt or ill.

Petplan understand that pet owners have specific needs when it comes to finding the right insurance policy, Petplan’s Pet Insurance are one of only a few pet insurance providers to offer ‘lifetime’ policies as well as policies to suit all needs.  They also work with more animal charities than any other pet insurance provider and support more than 1200 charities throughout the UK.  In 1994 Petplan Charitable Trust was founded and has so far raised more than £7million towards a better and healthier world for animals.


‘This post has been possible thanks to Petplan, but all thoughts are my own’.

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