Emmy’s Easter present from us

Both Paul and I knew Emmy would get far too much chocolate for Easter and we weren’t wrong – just look as some of her haul after her Easter egg hunt which the Easter Bunny cleverly left for her to find at Nanny and Grandad’s house:

She had already eaten some buy this point and we the Easter Buggy, didn’t hide all of it and she was given more later on!

This is why we decided not to buy her chocolate and had been saving up to buy her a nice present which she would get lots of use out of, here is what we chose and the making of it; including Emmy hindering helping Daddy.

As you can see Daddy and Emmy had lots of fun making her Trampoline, OK maybe not Daddy but Emmy enjoyed herself.

The trouble is getting her off the thing now, she loves it too much!!

One thought on “Emmy’s Easter present from us

  1. Fab idea! I was the same, they are so young and don't need that much chocolate! Not even I do! lol! I took my little one out to pick a toy and we got a dolly and buggy, she's pushed it around ever since! Lovely idea and she looks like she is having so much fun! xxx

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