Emmy’s Tutu from Tutu Sweet

A few months back I won a competition to attend Lollibops on a lovely Facebook page – Tutu Sweet UK.  Once I was there I went over to meet the lovely ladies and to thank them in person.

The ladies were all lovely and we got talking to Paula (left in the picture), the owner of Tutu Sweet, she was really friendly and so nice that we have kept in touch since the event.

Tutu Sweet sell beautiful outfits to make every little girl look like a princess, such as Petitskirts, Tops, Hair accessories, Dresses, Tutu Skirts, Hats and much more!

On seeing the Tutu’s myself I had decided that I would be buying one for Emmy to wear on her 2nd birthday and the current sale over on their website seemed the ideal opportunity to get Emmy her birthday outfit.

There was no question as to which Tutu I would be ordering as soon as I saw it – Emmy loves Minnie Mouse so I had to buy this one:

This was £12.50 in the sale and arrived only 2 days after ordering, it came wrapped as a lovely pink present and Emmy dived straight in to open it – she was a little unsure to start as afterall she is a little bit of a Tomboy and mostly lives in trousers but after me modelling it for her (on one leg as there was no way it would fit me) and dancing around in it like a looney, she decided that she would like to copy her silly Mummy.
Once she had it on, she refused to take it off again and wore it for the whole day, swirlling around, dancing and loving her new skirt – she even tried to take it to bed with her.
Here is my princess in her lovely new Tutu:
She is setting a new trend from a very young age – Tutu’s and welly boots!
The Tutu itself is very well made, soft to touch and very comfortable, it will also fit for a long time as has an elasticated waist meaning it should last until she is at least 4, although she has a skinny waist so may even fit for longer. 
A lovely touch was a lovely poem which came with the Tutu on caring for the item:
Look After Me
I’m a pettiskirt, fluffy and sweet
That you just bought from Tutu Sweet
I like to be washed in water that’s cold
Then I’ll always look new, never old
You can wash me in the machine or by hand
But anything hotter than cold is banned!
Hang me to dry and I’ll look my best
Wear me often to feel like a Princess
Thank you to Tutu Sweet, Emmy will look great on her birthday.
To view the full range of girlie items please visit their website www.tutusweet.co.uk or follow them on Facebook.
This is not a sponsered post, I brought this item and paid the full (Sale) price.

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