The Emoji Movie Poseable Light-Up Figures Review

Emoji Toys review

Emoji’s – love them or loathe them they are everywhere!

I use them on social media a little more than I’d like to freely admit because…well, because I can and sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words when I just can’t be bothered typing anything else. A smiley face could say “hey that’s awesome, I completely agree” or “I love that new hair do”, or it could mean “yeah I can’t be bothered to tell you what I really think so I’m smiling instead….take that how you’d like”. A sad face emoji could mean “I’m so sorry”, “That’s so sad” or even “I don’t like this” – they are so open to interpretation of the receiver and I do like that, an easy way out perhaps in a busy fast paced world!

The kids are obsessed with them! They always want to send messages to relatives on WhatsApp via my phone adding in as many as they possibly can, mostly unrelated to the messages they have typed but they like them all the same. Many times I’ve had to explain that the kids have randomly grabbed my phone and messaged whoever I was talking to last (I must change my password) and that I wasn’t randomly sending kisses, sad faces or even poo emoji’s to them – very embarrassing if I have left Facebook open and I’m in a blogging group or on a selling page.

With the Emoji movie in cinema’s their love has grown, and they were over the moon to receive 2 light-up poseable figures.

They received the Gene and Jailbreak figures, the Poop Emoji figure is also available in this toy range. We haven’t seen the movie as yet (I’m holding off as long as possible if I am completely honest) but the plot is a tragic and deeply moving tale of the secret world full of animated characters who live inside a Smartphone. A rogue app is about to wreak havoc and risk that ultimate of nightmares, a factory reset – this is everyone’s worst nightmare, I have personally had to do this a few times and it is so upsetting to have to then start again adding the apps I wanted, moving to the correct folders and creating shortcuts all over again.

The figures are very basic indeed, stick style legs and arms with the over sized head showing the Emoji face. Full on plastic figures.

They each come with a speech bubble shaped base which you stand your figure on, slotting them into place, the base has raised pegs and the base of the feet have holes so they fit easily onto their stands.

These are fixed movement figures with the only poseable/moveable part being the arms. The right arm can lift up and down and stays in the position you place it into while the left arm moves up to turn on the light but falls back into place as soon as you let it go again.

When you lift Jailbreak’s left arm her purple hair lights up omitting a blueish light and the square in the centre of her hat lights up white.

Lifting Gene’s arm makes his smile light up.

It would have been nice if the light stayed on for a set amount of time, even if that were a minute or two so they could be used if the kids got out of bed in the night but with them only lighting up while you lift the arm seems a little pointless to me. Of course the kids don’t seem to mind at all.

I won’t be rushing out to buy the missing character in our set.

Emmy and Harry like the figures to a certain extent, they love having them sitting in front of them while they draw or even eat dinner but they no longer turn on the lights as they just don’t want to keep holding the arms up. I have on a few occasions found Harry cuddling his in bed for some strange reason but as it is a hard plastic toy I always move once he is asleep.

These are made by Flair and available from Amazon and many other retailers.

Disclaimer: We received these toys in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts an opinions are our own and unbiased


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