End of an Era

Today I finally came to the conclusion which I had been slowly coming to over the last few months and have walked away from my Nanny Agency.

While on Maternity leave, my then boss Helen told me she wanted to give up work and planned to start a Nanny Agency from home, asking me if I would like to join her in a joint venture.  After much thought I decided to go for it as it would not only be a new direction for me but would mean I could work from home spending my time with Emmy.

That was a year ago now.  Initial start up was much harder than we both thought with much time being tied up with paperwork, web designers, and lawyers however we were optimisic that this would work out well for us both.  Nannies, Childcarers and Babysitters signed up and we had interest from Families too, however dispite the flow of traffic it is extremely time consuming for very little gain.  Now, I do know that a company very rarely makes money in the first year but it has become increasingly obvious that this isn’t enough to sustain 2 partners, so very sadly today I have handed over the reins to Helen to continue alone.

I wish her the best of luck and have agreed to help during busy periods and holiday times too. I am also available for babysitting locally!!


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