Essentials you need after becoming a parent

Before having kids I had so many nice things, expensive handbags, nice necklaces and dangly earrings – I even managed to keep my false nails and nail vanish unchipped and looking pretty.

I had more time to do my hair and make up, drinks were actually hot when I drank them and clothes rarely to be changed yet again before heading out of the house.

Then little people came along and things had to change, it soon became apparent that nappy changing with long false nails wasn’t the easiest thing in the world, coffee was rarely drunk hot and baths….well they are a family affair containing at least 2 rubber ducks, a boat and more often than not fish in the tub and a child with a fishing rod dangling themselves over the edge.

I soon learnt that as well as the changing bags, stair gates and corner guards, which you eventually get rid of after a few years, there are things which as a parent you’ll find yourself needing for far longer.

Baby wipes

These are not only used for wiping bottoms in the early years but can become a go to essential for parents for years to come. They have a whole heap of uses from wiping faces after dinner, giving hands a quick wipe over to wiping down a supermarket trolley before putting your kids in, wiping down the table to giving the TV and surfaces a quick wipe over before guests arrive.

Plasters in every bag or purse

It goes without saying that kids will at some point hurt themselves, and it most often when you are away from home.

By making sure you have plasters in each bag or in your purse you’ll not be caught out when they are crying and you need to stop the blood.

Kids apps on your phone/tablet

I know we all start off saying the kids can’t use our phones or tablets but eventually that changes. You maybe in a very long queue in the doctors surgery, stuck in a traffic jam or even trying the placate a bored child while out for dinner.

I have on many occasions let the kids use my phone when in a busy restaurant and there is a long wait, there’s only so much colouring and sitting still 2 young children can do.

There are lots of age appropriate apps for children – we use Netflix and YouTube kids a lot and games which involve a little thinking such as logic games and puzzles

Phone Cases

If you are letting the kids use your phone then of course it is essential to have a phone case on it, lets face it they won’t mean to but accidents do happen. They can be dropped and then crack, take a tumble down the stairs or even the toilet (yes it’s happened) or even be used as a teether and chewed on. You can choose from so many different designs and styles so they don’t have to look boring, why not protect your iPhone with these cases?

Snacks in your bag

I always need to have an emergency snack stashed away in my bag for the children, just something small like a box of raisins or a cereal bar as you never know when you’ll be out longer than planned and need a little refuelling break before dinner – my kids get very grumpy when over hungry and no one wants to have grumpy kids mulling around the supermarket or in the queue in the bank.

What are the essentials you have to carry with you?

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  1. A good stash of diapers is my recommendation. Whether you are planning on using disposable or cloth diapers, you need a good stash tucked away. Running out of diapers can be disastrous, particularly at 3 a.m. Do yourself a favorite and stock up on diapers in various sizes.
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