Eufy RoboVac 11: Review & Giveaway

Eufy RoboVac 11 review

By now many of you will have become part of the #HinchArmy over on Instagram – House cleaning accounts have hit amazing following levels and grown in popularity recently. Of course, these aren’t a new trend, they’ve been going for years – when I was pregnant with Emmy 5 minute cleans were all the rage – timers set for 5 minutes, clean one area before moving onto another. Everyone has a method which works for them but watching someone else do theirs does inspire some to follow suit – to try it to see if it works better than their methods.

Well, I’m not one of those. I’ll happily admit to hating cleaning. I get no pleasure from it and see it as a chore.

I do it obviously, needs must but I’ll do as little as I can really. I try to do some daily so it never becomes a huge chore, the washing is but on daily (OK not put away as soon as it’s dried and usually left in a pile at the bottom of my bed for days), the dishwasher is put on and emptied daily, and even the bathrooms are given a once-over every day in a bid to keep it all to a minimum but some jobs really do need doing daily when I’ve 2 young kids in the house and a husband who usually forgets to take off his shoes when he comes into the house – that job is hoovering.

The dirt walked in through the house ends up being walked up the stairs, the kids leave crumbs all over the floor and general mess needs clearing away. With wooden flooring in my front room, vinyl in the hall and tiles in the kitchen it really shows up all the mess – but I’m lazy and hoovering isn’t something I had time for daily (it’s not like it can be done when Paul is still in bed in the mornings or the kids in bed at night) – so when I was asked if I would like to try out the Eufy RoboVac 11 I jumped at the chance (I actually did a little dance around the room as I’ve wanted one of these for ages).

Upon arrival I couldn’t wait to get it out of the box and give it a go and was pleased it actually came with enough charge to have a play around straight away, there is nothing worse than having a new gadget and having to wait for it to charge. It comes with side brushes which you clip on underneath (plus spares), a spare filter and a tool for cleaning the roller brushes (you could use this on your other hoovers too – I hate the job of unravelling hair from the rollers on any hoover so this will be very useful).

The instruction manual is also very easy to follow and it comes with a remote control which you can use to programme the hoover, as well as other functions I get to shortly. Unfortunately, the remote doesn’t come with batteries which is a bug-bear of mine as you already know. And of course, it comes with a charger.

You plug the charger into a socket near to the ground, the instructions state the best location is on a hard surface, with no objects within 3 ft either side and a clear space of 6ft in front. I actually don’t have anywhere with that amount of space either side so have homed it next to the bookcase in the hall – so far it hasn’t had an issue finding it’s way back ‘home’ to charge.

For a basic clean, just turn the switch on at the side of the RoboVac and press the start button and it will begin cleaning the room it’s in, wandering around from room to room if there is an open door.

Closing the door helped the Vac to work out the best way to clean the hall (the room I started it in), initially, it seems as if it’s randomly swirling around the room and you’ll wonder how it will ever manage to finish the room without losing charge first but it soon works out a route to get it all done.

Using the remote there are various cleaning modes you can use – single room where it will clean that one room then return to charge (if the charger is in that room – I find it doesn’t return otherwise), auto where it will pop in and out of the rooms it’s able to access – this happens to be my front room/playroom, kitchen and hall. You can also choose for it to clean the edges of the room, I find this is a great place to get it to start before switching to auto or single or even auto mode. You can even get it to do a spot clean for messier areas or those with higher traffic flow – this is great for the rugs or if the kids have spilt something.

Please note: It won’t clean carpets with high pile, rugs with tassels and it says it won’t clean darker carpets but I’ve not tried as I don’t have any.

It also has an anti-drop mechanism meaning you can use it upstairs and when it gets to the top step it won’t fall – I did sit a few steps down when trying upstairs just in case (it could have been an expensive fail should it not have worked but it stopped once close to the edge and spun around). It also automatically adjusts the suction depending on the floor it’s cleaning so will use more for carpets/rugs than it needs for wooden floors for example.

It can climb up over a thin rug/doormat to clean it without getting stuck but you will want to move cables and obstacles from its path for ease. When I use it in my front room I place the footstool on the sofa, move the kid’s toys and lift their mini armchairs off the floor meaning it can get to all the areas I need to be cleaned. It doesn’t fit under my sofa (probably a good thing as all the kid’s toys roll under there) but if you’ve higher legs on your furniture it would as is only 72.5mm tall. It manages to find its way through a maze of chair legs in the kitchen using the infrared sensors to avoid obstacles.

When you first use this you’ll find yourself compelled to watch it, almost accessing it to make sure its up to the job – it’s not the fastest way to hoover and you certainly will clean a room faster with your big hoover, however, this one you can start off as you leave the house for the school run or to go shopping and come back to a clean floor so saves time in that sense.

Once fully charged it will clean for 100 minutes and for a small hoover holds a lot of dust and dirt. OK, if you’ve not hoovered for a week it will fill up very quickly and will stop working until you empty the dust compartment but if you pop it on every day or every 2 days, it will certainly keep on top of the hoovering for you and since this arrived a few weeks ago now I honestly have not used my big hoover once! I have used a handheld one on the stairs as this won’t clean stairs but it’s replaced me having to do a job I really hated.

This is from upstairs – which was hoovered around 3 days prior to using the RoboVac

Being round in shape I have found it will clean the edges of a room perfectly as uses the side brushes but if you have a little pile of dust or dirt collected up into a corner or the room it can’t quite reach those – I have been using a handheld brush to just sweep those bits away from the corners and the RoboVac can get to them. It’s a lot quieter than my big hoover, but not silent so although you could set a timer to have this clean at nighttime while you sleep – I personally wouldn’t as you can hear it.

For a very small unit, I have been amazed at how much it can pick up, even if I use it everyday it still manages to find all the dust/dirt.

Now if I could find something to mop the floors for me next then my house may sparkle again.

you can purchase these hoovers from

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The giveaway will end on 26th September 2018. Good Luck – everyone who enters will also receive a £30 discount code

T&C’s of the giveaway can be found at the bottom of the Gleam giveaway widget.

Disclaimer: We received this product in exchange for this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own and unbiased.

6 thoughts on “Eufy RoboVac 11: Review & Giveaway

  1. Fingers crossed!! Would absolutely love one of these to do our downstairs. Could leave it to run whilst I do the school run and clean up the days’ crumbs! Or in the evening whilst I catch up with the sky plus, just put the subtitles on ha! Xx

  2. I have a very hairy dog soI would start by using this on the wooden floors in the hall, progress onto the tiled kitchen floor and then see how it performed on the carpets.

    1. I’m afraid I can’t answer that as we don’t have our dog any more sadly.

      I’d think it would be fine as long as you used it every day or every 2 days

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