Even dog’s need rain coats don’t they? #Review & Giveaway

Over the Summer my best friend went away on holiday, and while she swanned off sunning herself by her private pool (it’s alright for some isn’t it!) We took it in turns to look after her beautiful two Shih Tzu puppies and walk them.
Having always had large dogs personally, caring for tiny little ones was rather different.
Barney loves running, jumping and bounding through long grass, mud, puddles – infact whatever he comes across while out walking.
Talking two smaller dogs on a walk with Barney was a whole new experience.
Firstly Barney hardly ever goes on a lead, whereas I wasn’t quite sure with Chilli and Pepper so they stayed on the lead (they have a fab dual split lead so are both on the same one), this caused a few pulling issues when they wanted to bound after Barney.
They also wanted to join in with bounding through the wet grass, mud and puddles.
Well what I hadn’t thought about before as I’ve never had small dogs was just how messy this would be. 
Barney gets rather messy when out for his walks however with a smaller dog they are that much closer to the ground, meaning they are closer to the puddles and the mud.
It may have been summer however this is England and we did have many wet days.
I found myself having to vigorously dry the dogs, and I know my friend does wash them often for this reason.
When Swell Pets emailed asking if I would like to try out anything from their site, I was instantly drawn to the all weather dog coats.

I thought they would be perfect for the small dogs and I asked if I could try them with Chilli and Pepper.

When my friend returned from her holiday she arrived home to a surprise:

How cute do they look?

These are Rosewood all weather dog coats and these are a small size.  Priced at only £9.99 each they are great value for money and fit perfectly.

They feature a chest covering meaning when they trample through the long grass and muddy puddles they don’t get as messy, making them easier to clean.

The coats are nice and warm and are a perfect fit, the straps are fully adjustable and buckle up so there is no fiddling around with zips, poppers or laces.  Easy to put on the dogs are ready in minutes.  These are great now it’s getting colder and they have a reflective piping detail meaning they are perfect for late night dog walks.

This design comes in 4 sizes – small (to fit dogs 10-12″), medium (14-16″), large (18-20″) and XL (22-24″). 

I love the fact they are fully machine washable – much easier than bathing the dogs all the time!

We were also sent a coat for Barney, however Paul is a complete meany and won’t let me put it on him.  He says he is a big dog and has a fur coat so doesn’t need a coat.  Isn’t he mean?

However that does mean I’ve a spare Large size of the above coat.

Giveaway Time
If you would have use for this Large all weather coat (worth £16.49) and would like to win, just leave me a comment below telling me the name and breed of your dog! Don’t forget to leave a way for me to contact you should you win.
Extra entries are available for (leave an extra comment for each additional entry)
Entry couldn’t be easier.  I will then use Random.org to choose a winner.  This giveaway will end at Midnight on 21st October 2013. (UK entries only)
Good Luck 

Update – 23/10/13

Our Winner is Liam – Well Done

Swell Pets would like to offer our readers 10% off orders from new customers until the end of December – use code PET10.

81 thoughts on “Even dog’s need rain coats don’t they? #Review & Giveaway

  1. I would love this for my 10 year old Irish setter Merlin. He is getting on a bit now and this would keep lovely and dry on our walks. @annapontsian

  2. My rescue Tia, who is a Labrador X Staffy would love this for horrible days like these, She only has a single coat, so no undercoat, so when the rain is heavy she feels it and hides in a bush! So a coat would be very very welcome for her so she can play to her hearts content.


  3. i have a cross bichion frise/lhasa apso. he is a bit bigger than a Lhasa apso and the coat i got for him last year which was a medium would't go around his middle so could really do with winning this 🙂 His name is Razzle and my email is cherryhough@live.co.uk

  4. Hi I have a Lhasa apso who just loves to lay on the grass lawn no matter what the weather! Therefore will definitely need a coat for autumn/winter! Also have a soppy chocolate Labrador!

  5. Our dog is named after a brand name (so don't really wont to put it on here, just in case) but she is a Newfoundland so weather large will fit or not ? ;/


  6. My fur-baby is called Hudson & he is liver & white English Springer Spaniel. He hates the rain & gets upset when he wants to go out for a walk but doesn't want to get wet so a rain coat may help his anxieties.

    @jessups on twitter

  7. We have a rather mucky but lovable King Charles Spaniel called Duke – as well as keeping him warm on his mammoth walks – it might also help keeping him clean!

  8. My daughter's dog is a Lurcher, and is called Scrubs and Scrubby, and Scrubby Doo! A big dog with thin legs and a greyhound body always looks chilly to me. I'm sur he would appreciate an all weather coat.

  9. would love to win one for our 11 year old rough collie who is now suffering with artheritus. With cold damp morning coming soon it would help to keep her dryer, warmer and hopefully more comfortable.

    liked on facebook and aready following @swelluk on twitter. email willoughby_dean@hotmail.com

  10. I would love to win this for my springer he has just had knee surgery and is starting physiotherapy which means 4 10 min walks a day to build up the muscle and drying him out in between is nearly impossible. Twitter @paperwrist

  11. My dog Daisy is a bearded collie and it takes so looonnng for her to dry off after a run in the rain,this would be perfect! @ravanfox

  12. I have 3 dogs Holly the boxer Blue the staffy & little Belle the shih tzu abit of a mix of sizes lol but they all get on so well. my email is razy36@gmail,com

  13. Adding from FB – Comment from Kate Hall:
    "My old Labrador poppy would love one of these to keep her warm and dry when at husky racing rally's all through the winter with the rest of the family. She really feels the cold and damp these days!"

  14. I have 2 x Standard Schnauzers – Abbie & Lexie! My other half won't let me buy coats for them for when the weather is bad. They are now getting older and both have had serious health scares in the last year. I would love to to convert him to the benefits the girls would get from wearing the coats in the rain! Lovely prize.

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