Everyday adventures and learning a new skill with GORE-TEX

Over the course of the Summer we haven’t really been away, bar a weekend away camping, as previously mentioned it has been a Summer of working through the children’s grief, making memories and having fun.
Mainly we have had little days out and about, heading off to the park and generally making our own entertainment as and where we can. 
The children were recently chosen to become one of GORE-TEX Big Days 2015 families and were each sent some lovely trainers to put to the test, and what better way to test these than to just wear then and let children do what they do best….run around and have adventures.
Both were sent the same Superfit trainers only in different colours which pleased them as they like to have the same things.  Emmy of course has had a diva style strop over hers as they have grey on them and “I don’t like Grey it’s for Boys” – She did eventually get over it as she always does.
These Superfit trainers are easy to get on and off with double Velcro straps meaning that they can be tightened to fit properly, which as as a parent is nice to know that they aren’t going to fall off especially as you watch your child speed off down a hill or climbing up a tree.  They have been made with SURROUND technology which means they offer a 360 degree climate comfort for little feet.  They are breathable which means that even after a full days running around their little feet won’t be sweating and hot.
When we are out all day I like to know that the children are wearing comfortable footwear as lets face it, kids don’t sit EVER so spend a lot of time on their feet clocking up the miles without even realising it.
The large vents in these shoes allow heat to escape while a special laminate stops the water from entering when they inevitably find the puddles to jump in – I know Harry won’t be the only one who does this to every single puddle he finds.
There is also a protective layer of fleece which helps to protect their feet from stones and sharp objects, the large vents also make it hard for stones to get stuck in the bottom of the shoes.
Over the Summer, something very exciting happened here.  Harry learnt to ride his bike, we got him this for Easter only he could only peddle backwards.  One afternoon he hopped onto his bike in our hallway and peddled it into the kitchen and since then there has been no stopping him.  He wants to ride everywhere and now happily rides to and from School which has given him a great sense of freedom.
Now he has started he is just so happy and I am desperately trying to teach him to use his brakes to slow down.
The grip on these trainers are very good and mean that the kids feet don’t slip off the peddles of the bike, even when they are wet. 
I’ve been very impressed with these GORE-TEX trainers overall, they are however on the narrow side and Harry has rather wide feet so these are a snug fit on him.
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Disclaimer:  As a GORE-TEX Big Days 2015 family we received these shoes for the purpose of this post, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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