Everyone loves a fancy dress party

The summer holiday’s were upon us before I actually realised, the end of term passed me by in a blur of worry and then tears and when Asda offered to help us throw a ‘Summer’s here’ party it seemed a wonderful way to help cheer up the children as well as say a huge Thank you to their Godmother who had stepped in to look after then when Paul and I were needed urgently elsewhere.
Let’s face it, who doesn’t like to dress up!
We were given a budget and asked to pick a few outfits from the fancy dress range of Asda, I was really surprised just how far this stretched and managed to get 5 outfits with our budget – there are actually quite a few on the site for only £5, so providing they’ve your child’s size available you are able to fill the dressing up box very cheaply.  Don’t worry though, the quality of these costumes is very good and they won’t be falling apart after just one wear.
Disney Fairies Rosetta £12.50, Disney Princess Jasmine £12.50, Disney Princess Rapunzel £12.50, Hooded Dragon £10, Monsters Inc. Sully £5
As always happens in our household there was a tussle over who had which outfits to try on first and we actually ended up emptying the dressing up box in the middle of the floor and having a bit of a free for all – the fastest survives here, only kidding but you can probably picture the scene – tiara’s and handbags at 50 paces!
We picked up some of the party essentials which all children love, pizzas, chicken goujons, mini sausages, sausages rolls, juice and of course sweets and crisps and carried our party over a couple of days with a few friends.
Everyone had a great time, all the food was eaten and the summer holidays started with a bang and of course lots and lots of laughter.

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