Evian – The Amazing Baby & Me 2 UK

Who remembers the hugely popupular and very funny video from Evian last year?

You must have seen it – it was everywhere!  It featured a guy walking along catching his reflection in the window – only his reflection was a baby version of himself.

He goes onto start dancing and is then joined by a group of others, who all see baby images of themselves and so a dance session begins on the street with adult dancers and their baby selves joining in from the window’s reflection.

Emmy loved this and made us record it so she could keep watching over and over again.  It gave her the giggles, which in turn made us join in – laughter is infectious afterall.

Well, Evian have been at it again and this time they have introduced a lovable favourite into the mix.  In The Amazing Baby & Me 2 video you can see Spiderman as the main character and his baby Spiderman reflection copies his spidery moves.

Just watch the video for yourselves

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evian Spider-Man - The Amazing Baby & me 2

I’ve shown this to Emmy and to Harry and i have already lost track of the amount of times I’ve had to watch on repeat already.  It has the same effect as the last one – fits of giggles and Emmy even tries to copy some dance moves – although she can’t work out why she can’t throw spidery webs from her own hands…..these super heroes have a lot of explaining to do – that’s a hard concept for a 4 year old to grasp.

You can see Spiderman climbing, jumping, throwing webs, dancing and even skipping with his baby reflection – you’ll even see a little dance off and to be honest I think the baby has the cutting edge here – cuteness wins everytime!

Did it make you chuckle?

I know water doesn’t have these magic powers however don’t tell Emmy or Harry that – they now think they may turn into super heroes if they continue to drink their water and eat their vegetables – I’m sure i can continue this ploy until teenage years, can’t I?

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