Exercise essentials – Getting ready for the #RFL

I’ve only around 2 weeks to go until my Race for Life now and my fundraising is doing much better than my training has gone – I planned to use the time when Harry was in School to go for a jog a few times a week, well my children always seem to be ill, deadlines looming and life gets in the way.
I’ve currently raised £380.
I’ve failed big time, I’ll be honest I hoped to be running the whole thing, yeah I doubt that will be happening but I’ll attempt a jog.  Emmy has decided she would like to join me and I am thrilled – she wants to help raise money for Nanny as she says, and of course she wants a medal.  I do think I will end up carrying her for parts but I’m proud she wants to try.
I’ve managed to get out for a few jogs, it’s not all doom and gloom and I have upped my home work outs too and I have had some wonderful help from fantastic companies who are 100% behind me helping to make sure I am race ready.
Going from zero exercise to well any is always going to bring about some aches and pains and I won’t even pretend that I have enjoyed it one bit and I don’t even know where to begin to tell you of the leg pains after my first 25 minute jog around the block – I know it was only 25 minutes but I seriously couldn’t walk well the next day, and stairs were my enemy for a few days.  They say it gets easier – well I hope so as I’ve not found that yet.
My race essentials I am loving are:
I had no sportswear at all and Freya stepped in to help me greatly, they explained that I would be needing a very well fitted sports bra.  While my boobs definitely aren’t as big as they were pre-kids and pre-breastfeeding two children they certainly need support as running down the stairs can leave me fearing a black eye.
  • The Active Zinc Print Moulded Crop Top Sports Bra is a very comfortable fit, with the crop top style I am finding it doesn’t ride up when moving around.  I am able to comfortably star jump, run down the stairs and almost keep up with my workout DVD’s (It’s not a miracle fix sadly).  It does however pull everything firmly into place and keep it there.  With adjustable straps and three hook and eyes to fasten this really is a lovely fit.  The microfibre fabric helps to keep you cool while working out too as it allows your skin to breathe.  RRP £40
  • The Performance Wear Zinc Print Sports Pants are a cropped sports trouser made from a very lightweight and stretchy microfibre fabric.  These are very comfortable and move with you no matter how you move, they don’t ride up or fall down and they have a very comfortable elasticated waistband.  They also don’t restrict movement.  Working out even gently is a hot and sweaty business – these have ventilated women-specific sweat zones (yes that means crotch area obviously), the microfibre fabric helps to pull away moisture and the flat seams stop friction.  They also feature a small zip pocket in the back to hold your key while out running or a locker key while in the gym. RRP £42
  • Reebok Neon ZQuick Dash Trainers.  I have never owned a pair of running trainers and I wasn’t sure I needed them to be completely honest with you, I mean trainers are trainers, they all do the same thing – right?  Well no, not at all.

    It was only when I began wearing these that I actually noticed the difference.  These hug your feet perfectly.  They are cushioned to protect your feet on impact with the pavement and the front features a NanoWeb material which allows airflow through the material – this means your feet don’t sweat and over heat while wearing these and it helps to cool them down during your fun. 

    Having now worn running trainers I swear by them and they are the first thing I recommend to anyone who says they want to take up jogging – hey I am no expert at all but the fact this novice hasn’t had sore feet or blisters must count for something. RRP £65 – currently on offer for £32.50

  •  Water bottle – a must to carry with me when out for a jog and I will certainly need during the race.
 Later on this week I will be sharing with you a few products which are aiding my recovery and easing the pain which comes with exercise for the unfit (me!).

I leave you with the mess which is me after a short jog – it’s not pretty!
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