Face painting fun

I can’t say I’m very good at face painting however we do have great fun trying.
Watching Emmy have her face painted at fairs and town shows always gives me great ideas of grand gesture….Elaborate plans are formed and I can picture them in my head, reality never turns them into the pictures I have planned so carefully sadly.
The trouble I have is Emmy will say she wants to be a butterfly,  so I start painting a butterfly,  she then changes to a flower,  monkey, tiger and a clown all before I’m mid way through – and what we end up with is a huge mess.
It doesn’t matter how carefully I try to follow the patterns in the books, with Emmy’s inability to sit still or make up her mind; I’m doomed before I begin.
My next problem is she then wants to do it herself – this is the result of that:
Face painting, snazaroo, entertaining emmy, www.emmysmummy.com
Worse still is when she wants to paint my face – however as a good Mummy, I sit down and show her how to sit still while she paints me up like a clown – Not a pretty sight but we have great fun.
Snazaroo, face painting, face paints, www.emmysmummy.com
Thankfully the face paints do always wash off easily with soap and water or a wet wipe (or 3).
A huge thank you goes out to Snazaroo for making me look like this (and for Paul for being mean enough to capture my new look).
Face painting, snazaroo, face paints, what happens when a 3 year old face paints, face painting mummy, www.emmysmummy.com
Disclaimer: We were sent some Snazaroo face paints to have fun with – all the bad painting is down to Emmy and myself!

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