Fajita family film night

Friday night’s have become our family night.
The kids don’t see a lot of Paul during the week, so I let them stay up late on Friday’s so we can have a family meal together as during the week they eat before he comes home.
We generally allow them to eat in the front room and we pop on a movie for us all to watch, eating a little later and staying up past bedtime.
This of course can get messy, so the food choice has to be carefully picked.  They do have their own deck chairs which they pull up to the coffee table so it’s not all that bad.
After all family time is very important.
We were sent a lovely food parcel from Santa Maria (formerly Discovery foods) which included all we needed to make our own fajita’s for a family feast and they also included a movie for us all to enjoy – Rango wasn’t one we had seen before but the kids really enjoyed this and kept giggling so it’s definitely a winner.
We needed to buy the fresh ingredients for these which I kept forgetting which is why this post is so delayed.
My children are fussy so I didn’t know how they would take to these, Emmy rarely eats meat as she doesn’t like the taste or texture and as it means she has to chew, Harry generally eats anything but can be fussy with some veg.
I decided to cook up the chicken, onions and peppers and to add to a plate in front of them separately so they could choose what they wanted.
The kids were pretty good, better than I expected if I’m honest, they tried all of the food – I did use only the mild spice mix, sadly they weren’t keen.  The liked the sweet chilli crisps and the tortillas but this isn’t a meal they will happy have again sadly.

However they did try it and for that I am pleased!

I will just have to continue to order this type of meal when I’m out as steak fajita’s are one of my favourite meals.
Disclaimer:  We were sent this kit to try out as a family.   While the kids didn’t like it, I did.

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