The fall of the traditional carrier bag

When the plans to charge for plastic carrier bags were first talked about, it may not have been a popular choice however it was set in place for a reason and we have all adapted rather well. We now keep our Trolley Bags in the boot of the car ready for shopping and if I don’t have the car I have a Trolley bag I wheel to school and then to Tesco; and as much as I first hated it it’s actually made things so much easier for me – I can almost fit a weeks shopping in it and wheel it home again saving my poor arms.

Did you know that since the plastic carrier bag levy was introduced in 2015, the number being taken home from shops has fallen by 80%?

Since many don’t want to pay the 5 pence charge, people are increasingly opting for reusable bags not only to save money but help to boost their self-esteem as they may feel virtuous for being environmentally-friendly.

This is in turn opening up new opportunities for brands to make a lasting impression on us all as after-all, carrier bags will remain in the home and therefore provide a continuous reminder of an in-store experience.

Retailers have now taken this prime advertising spot as an opportunity to expose people to a brand name and logo day after day for a minimal outlay.

Add to that the fact that anyone using a printed carrier bag in the street with a brand printed onto is then  proudly displaying that brand and logo – and therefore giving free advertising everywhere they go – now I wonder if I should get some totes printed up with Emmy’s Mummy and the website printed onto them……

A new infographic from 4imprint shows how a simple every day item of use is fast becoming fashion accessory.

bags-infographicI must admit I am more likely to walk down the street with a big branded bag over my arm than I am to with a Tesco’s or a plain one, and I’m sure there are many of us who save the nice ones and reuse them….just so others think we’ve been shopping in more expensive stores and not poundland.


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