Family and Transport: When do you need a car?

When most people think of family life, a car is
something that is generally assumed. Yet, when you think about it, is
it always that necessary?

If you’re a small family for instance, getting
around your local town isn’t a difficult challenge. A car would prove
useful, but it would be a rather big expense. Road tax, an MOT, fuel
and other general upkeep costs all insure that it’s not the wise
investment it’s made out to be. Instead, here’s an alternative that
might be more beneficial.

When You Do Need A Car

That said there are arguably a few occasions where
a car could be useful. This is usually for long trips, where a short
train journey isn’t an option and general public transport becomes either
lacking or expensive. Throw in additional space for luggage, and one
option becomes rather clear.

For the few times you do need a vehicle, have you
considered hiring a car? Hiring a car for a week or two at a time is
much cheaper than the yearly expenses of keeping your own car.

Hire Car Costs

When dealing with a hired car, you only have two
major costs to consider. The first is the car itself, and this is
dependent on the car itself and the duration of your rental period.
Whilst the latter might not be flexible, the former ensures you can
find a car that suits your needs within your budget.

Secondly, you need to insure yourself. This is
temporary insurance (as opposed to annual), but serves to protect you
when on the road. The car hire company will offer you their own
insurance, but you can find much better if you take the time to look
at carhire insurance options. This is usually one of the biggest
expenses in hiring a car, but looking elsewhere can greatly diminish
this cost vastly.

Flexible Options

In addition to cheap costs and reliable insurance
options, the overall car hire experience is rather flexible. Instead
of being tied down to one vehicle, you’re free to choose one that
suits your needs each time. Whilst you might need a small car for one
trip, you might find yourself bringing the whole family for the next.

As such, being able to take a bigger car, with
both extra seating and space, suddenly becomes a distinct advantage.
Compare costs on your car hire and you really could save a lot of
money when taking a trip abroad or at home for all the family.

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