Family money saving tips for Christmas

money saving tips for christmas

The countdown is well and truly on now and many of us may have begun to panic about the Christmas shopping, it’s not the worry of will we get it all purchased in time, it’s more a case of there not being enough money to pay for it all.  For most working parents there are now only 2 paydays left and Christmas can be a very expensive time of you.

Well, it is expensive if you let it be.

With most of our family being in the same financial situation (and that much awaited lottery win still to materialise) it has been essential to make some changes and cutbacks.

money saving tips for christmas

My tips on how to save money for Christmas are:

  • Buy Christmas cards and wrapping paper just after Christmas and then store away safely with the Christmas tree so you know where to find them come next year
  • Shop in the sales – January sales are a great place to start but also keep an eye on the Argos and Toys R Us sales for toys, Argos often have 3-4-2 promotions and Toys R Us half price sales; of course if there is something on a wish list then Black Friday is fast approaching (I will be waiting for the Amazon Black Friday deals to purchase Emmy a Kindle Paperwhite which she has on her Christmas list).
  • Enter competitions – it is a fantastic time of year to find some amazing competitions – you’ll find lots on MSE or even on Facebook and Twitter, search the social media sites for hashtags #Win, #Giveaway, #Competition or even search for that toy which is on the kids wish list #Hatchimals Giveaway or similar. You may not be lucky with competitions BUT you’ll NEVER win unless you at least enter and there has to be a winner – it could be you.
  • Set a budget and stick to it – by setting a budget for each person you’ll easily be able to work out how much you need to spend and find an appropriate gift within that price bracket.
  • Stop buying for adults in the family – this is something we have begun to introduce, once their are children we tend to buy for them and give token presents to the adults/parents
  • Using Tesco clubcard points for presents and NOT to take money off of your food shop – we have all been tempted in the past to use those vouchers to reduce the food bill however while that £10 voucher may take £10 off of your shop it could be used in the clubcard boost instead giving you 4 times the voucher value. I always exchange mine for Pizza Express voucher codes and my £10 then turns into £40 to spend in Pizza Express, I also exchange them for days out.

There are lots of ways of reducing the costs of Christmas and having Christmas on a budget; do take a look at Emma’s Diary for more money saving tips.

I would love to know how you have cut back this year and how you’ve been budgeting for Christmas.

Are you organised and prepared or are you beginning to panic yet?

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