A family scavenger hunt in London

A little while ago I told you about the new exhibition which will be joining the Science Museum shortly, Wonderlab: The Statoil Gallery a new interactive experience for all the family.

There is a competition running in conjunction with Wonderlab: The Statoil Gallery by the sponsors of this exhibition, the competition takes the form of a family scavenger hunt. During this hunt using a free downloaded app you need to solve the clues and find 3 science locations either in London, Greater Yarmouth and Aberdeen.

At each of these locations you’ll find a body part to Wonderoid the Robot and once you’ve found all 3 you will be entered into competition to win lots of prizes including advanced private access to the new exhibition.

Wonderoid challenge

While in London recently we took part in the London scavenger hunt and had a great time solving the clues and exploring locations the children hadn’t seen before.

Downloading the app was really quick and easy and I had the website page open ready with clue one ready to start our adventure.

wonderlab clue 1

With my children being so young they couldn’t work out the answers themselves but that’s where taking Daddy along helped and with the help of Google Maps we were able to navigate to the location quickly and easily.

scavenger hunt in london1

Once there you have to open the app called traces and hold your phone up near the location. Once it has located the thing you are looking for, in this case Wonderoid’s body part you need to catch it. Arrows on the screen will lead you to the location of the object and when there an orb will appear on your screen which you need to capture….once captured it appears in your wallet on screen and displays the body part you’ve found for the Robot.

The children loved following the app and the Arrows but did argue lots about who was to capture the part.

Once done you can move into the next clue to solve and find the next body part.

Again we needed Google Maps to get us to this location as it wasn’t close to the first location but thankfully clues 2 and 3 were close together  (about a 7 minute walk between the 2) as the kids were getting tired by this point and it was raining so they’d gotten fed up.

scavenger hunt in london

I’d say this was aimed more towards older children as mine couldn’t solve the clues themselves and got really tired walking between the locations but it did make for a fun day out had it not been for the rain and us ending up carrying the children. There is still a little time left to take part yourself and see if you can reassemble Wonderoid the robot.

This competition closes on Monday 18th September and the winners will be announced on Friday on 23rd September 2016.

Competition entry is FREE, full competition t&c’s can be found here.
Wonderlab: The Statoil Gallery will be situated within the Science Museum – Entry to the Science Museum is FREE and admission to the gallery will cost: Day pass Adult £8, £6 child, £22.50 for a family pass.  Annual passes are available for £14 adults, £10 children and £39 for a family.
Tickets are available to book now at sciencemuseum.org.uk  or by calling 0333 241 4000, school groups can be booked through the Museum’s Education booking line on 0207 942 4777.

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