Fancy borrowing a pet for a while?

Readers of this blog will know we have Barney, our 12 year old Border Collie – I’m not sure if you remember the story of how we came to own Barney?
I was at work one day and so was Paul, he was on the phone to the council offices (as part of his job he deals with the council a lot) and they joked about how they know the family love dogs and did we want one?  I was broody at the time and Paul had been joking about buying me a dog to shut me up….fast forward the following day and Barney was living with us.  A little rushed, neither of us had seen him but we had to have him.
You see Barney is a rescue dog, he was 6 months old (ish) when we got him.  He had been left tied up to a bus stop and abandoned.  The local vets took him in and looked him over, he was in perfect health only very thin, with no collar and no microchip.  The council dog warden was called and that’s the above story.  We couldn’t have him going into kennels so we rehomed him and he has been a huge part of the family ever since.  Our baby.

We have been very lucky in that he has only needed to go into the vets for an injury once when he sliced his paw open on broken glass, we had to get out the emergency vet out and he needed stiches, thankfully we’ve pet insurance as it was rather expensive but as our baby we would have happily paid, as would most pet owners.
He didn’t to stay in over night which of course we were grateful for.
Pets become such loved members of your that if they do need to go into the vets for a period of time a huge void is left at home, what if you could fill that void though?  Just temporarily in their short absence with a courtesy pet?  After all you can have a courtesy car while your is in the garage so why not a pet?
Not sold on the idea just yet?  Well this little video from SunLife will show you the advantages of this new service:

What do you think?  Fancy a different pet for a week or two?

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